Mitch Albom correctly captures it thus “When death takes your mother, it steals the word forever.” Truly, the exit of a loving mother is too painful for words to heal. It only takes the passage of time, and the acceptance that she left wonderful memories behind to be able to be relieved of such agony.

Below are condolence messages you can send to a friend or someone you know who has lost their mother, in order to express compassion and feeling for their loss.

Short Condolence Messages On Death Of Mother

1: Your mother was an angel in human form. The little time I spent with her taught me a lot about the awesomeness of her persona. Kindly accept my condolence.

2: Death has indeed dealt a huge blow on your family by taking your mom. I’m really sorry over your loss. Please, take heart.

3: Accept my deepest condolence over the passing of your dear mother. She was a beautiful woman with a loving heart. Take heart.

4: It’s a pity that your mom has to go at a time we all needed her around. Accept my most sincere sympathy over her loss.

5: I was appalled to receive the news of your mother’s death. It isn’t up to two weeks ago that I talked at length with her on the phone. May God who knows the best console our grieving hearts.

6: There is no one, and there will be no one as accommodating, affectionate and sacrificial as a mother. It pains my heart that your mom had to go. Accept my sincere condolences.

Short Condolence Messages On Death Of Mother

7: My heart goes out to you and your family members over the loss of your mom. Mama was a gentle soul who spread kindness to all and sundry. She will be greatly missed.

8: I couldn’t believe my ears when I got the news of your mom’s demise. From what you’ve been telling me about her, she was indeed, a woman of integrity. Please, accept my heartfelt sympathy.

9: Life is transient, to state the obvious. At a time like this, your mother left this planet for the Great Beyond. It is our sincerest wish that God will console every single soul your mother has affected positively.

10: If not that it is impossible, I would have wished that your mum lived for hundreds of years. She was a mother to all, and I will miss her a great deal.

11: I was shocked to my marrows when I read the text message that contained the news of mama’s passing. Oh! How I wish this could be undone. Please, be strong and may God heal your grieving heart.

12: After all the treatments given to her both at home and in the hospital, it pleased God to allow your mom to depart this sinful world. May He grant you and your siblings the fortitude to bear this immense loss.

13: When I got the news of your golden mother’s exit, I was beyond speechless to say the least. I will miss her delicious meals and gracious words of encouragement. Please, accept my condolence.

14: I never had any cause to imagine that the news I would be getting this period is a bad one, about the death of your mother. It is indeed saddening. Take heart, dear friend.

15: This life has become over for your mother, and we must face the reality that a rare gem has left us. It is painful, but I pray that you’ll be strong, through and through.

16: Words fail me to adequately express the grief I feel over the loss of your mom. Accept my deepest condolence. My thoughts are with you.

17: I thank God for that single opportunity I had to meet your mother. She was a treasure to your family. Accept my heartfelt condolence.

18: The passing of your mum is an unpleasant situation which takes extraordinary strength to handle. I want to express my deepest condolence to you and your wife, and pray that you will hold on for this terrible storm to pass.

19: Much can’t be said of your beloved mother who nursed you into the fine woman you are. Accept my condolence to you over her painful exit.

20: The memories of your mother live on. She came, saw, and conquered. May the good Lord grant us the strength to bear this loss.

21: You loved your mother as much as she loved you. Her loss is a great one; take heart.

22: If we had our way, we would have brought your mother back with the resources we have, no matter the magnitude. Let’s live to cherish the memories we made with her.

23: I had always longed to see your mom who I have heard great things about. It is sad that the news I will hear about her this soon, is that of her demise. Accept my heartfelt condolence message.

Long Condolence Messages On Death Of Mother

Long Condolence Messages On Death Of Mother

24: Death is an unavoidable visitor for every living soul. I’m sorry that this is a difficult period for you and your family over the loss of your precious mother. Honestly, words will do little to alleviate the sufferings in your heart. But I plead that you will take consolation in the truth that she was an exceptional woman who lived a fulfilling life.

25: If RIP meant “Return If Possible”, I will never stop pleading with mama to come home, for the pain of her loss is quite unbearable. Needless to say, all you need is the unending grace of God even though it seems that darkness has hidden his lovely face. Take heart, and be strong.

26: Trials and temptations are part of life. I could count your mother’s death as a trial to your family. But to her, it is a victory as she has overcome this world of sinfulness and hard times. I pray that you receive your strength from the knowledge that she lived a life worthy of emulation.

27: I join you and your respectable family to mourn the departure of your mother. She was a phenomenal woman who maintained her stance on integrity and morals. I wish I had met her in person. Nonetheless, I believe she lived a worthy life, and has left a huge vacuum nothing and nobody can fill.

28: It is quite unbelievable that your mom has gone to be with the Lord. I can’t forget the way she received and interacted with me when I visited her with you. This world is full of surprises which only the brave can handle. Kindly receive my profound sympathy.

29: At a time like this, words won’t be enough to deeply express the void and intense pain of the heart. The passing on of your mom has left many wondering why good people are in a hurry to depart this world. That question could be a difficult one to answer, but our assurance is that she is in a better place. Be consoled, dear one.

30: Every one of us has a divine appointment with death. Your mother lived in the consciousness that this world is a temporary place to be. Therefore, she lived in the moment, never having any reason to look sad or unhappy. I knew her as my neighbor; she always wore a cheerful smile. Accept my sympathy over her loss.

31: With a deep sense of regret, I wish to express my heartfelt condolence over the passing away of your elegant mother. I may not understand how pained you feel, but I pray that you will be courageous as she would want you to be if she were here.

32: I’m sorry to hear that your mom, who is also a dear friend to my mother, is finally exited from this world. Her relationship with my family went beyond and above to achieve a close kinship that saw my children call her grandma. I loved her as much as I did my mother, and pray that her soul finds rest in the bosom of our Lord.

33: It is rare to find a woman like your mother who was devout in her fellowship with God, without neglecting any of her kids. I envied her diligence in the labor of her hands even until her ripe old age. Though her death is painful, I am glad she lived a fruitful life. Take heart.

34: I have a lot of good things to say concerning your late mom. For one, she was my role model. As a growing teenager, I longed to grow as tall as she did, and to be a teacher the way she was. I believe that helped me get to the height I have attained in life. Take heart as you mourn her.

35: If words can help you manage to be strong with the demise of your super mom, I will crave your indulgence to always tell you, “Be strong” until such a time when you will become it. Take heart, sister, over her passing away.

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