Using words of admiration and adulation on a guy can set him up for the sweetest mind ride of his life. Though he may not say it literally, compliments do wonders to many a guy’s esteem. Whether said straight up or plain funny, compliments for a guy are huge turn-ons. Take a look at the following interesting compliments you can stun a guy with.

Compliments For Him

1: You are as hot as the fiery sun.

2: I have fallen for your bulging arm muscles.

3: You are as tall as a god.

4: I love hearing your deep voice.

5: I am lucky to be close to a handsome dude like you.

6: I have absolute respect for your patient heart.

7: You are one guy who is skilled at managing people’s excesses.

8: Has anyone else made mention of your erotic abs?

9: I can’t help but stare at you when you smile. You look divine smiling.

10: You make mathematics simple with your clear and precise explanations.

11: You have the qualities of a great boyfriend.

12: I wish to snuggle into your broad chest.

13: Your hairy skin is sexy.

14: Your body has the manliest smell my nose has ever appreciated.

15: I am surprised at your broad knowledge of contemporary music.

16: Thank you for being quite helpful even when it is outside your line of duty.

17: I think you have eyes that speak volumes in care and affection.

18: I am attracted to your cute haircut.

19: Your minty breath tells how much you take care of your oral health.

20: You are a genius in keeping a woman comfortable and all laid back.

21: You are a complete gentleman; your kind is rare in our present world.

22: You make generosity a simple virtue to imbibe.

23: Your strong hands will make a massaging session blissful.

24: I have so much to say about your calm demeanor in the face of pressure.

25: Having you as my man is equivalent to being the queen to a king.

26: I desire to know the source of your quiet strength. It marvels me.

27: You are a smooth talker, and I don’t think I will get enough of you.

28: You are able to break complex issues down to the simplest of understanding. That’s breath-taking.

29: I am pleasantly taken by the amount of respect you show to your subordinates.

30: Anyone that has you as an employer has got a democratic leader for himself.

31: You sing songs heartily.

32: Your loving company blows away a bad day.

33: Your style of making someone laugh merrily is worth emulating.

34: I have come to believe that you are an incisive thinker. You dig down and through beyond where the ordinary mind can reach.

35: You make love like you communicate with my heart.

36: I can’t fully express how much I appreciate your culinary taste. It is simply amazing.

37: Your well-tailored suit molds your body like a beautiful work of art.

38: The taste of your lips is like sipping on a rich and exotic wine.

39: I am awed by the manner with which you command attention to yourself whenever you step into a place.

Funny Compliments For Guys

40: Your handsomeness is an obvious testimony that God actually has favorites.

41: My eyes moisten a bit anytime I catch you strolling. It is like I am looking at an angel.

42: Do you have to be so hot to set my pantie on fire?

43: You look as fresh as a loaf of bread served in the morning.

44: Your perfect body can put gymnasts to shame.

45: Don’t you ever smile while debating on a matter with opponents. That will surely win them over to your side of the argument.

46: You have all it takes to inspire women to divorce their husbands in a haste.

47: You are smart; hope you don’t mind sharing the secrets of your wizardry with me.

48: It is amazing how you manage to walk by with your looks without a score of ladies mobbing you.

49: Never step out during the day. You’ll be dragging the sun into a competition with you.

50: It seems you are unaware of the soulful effect of your voice on your listeners.

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