Marriage is God-ordained, an age-long institution that has produced great benefits for the society especially in the areas of cultural integration, childbirth and child-rearing. That is why it is more or less a big deal for a wedded couple who have attained the landmark of one year together to be celebrated. If not for anything, they should be praised for staying married in a world where separation and divorce are rampant.

Furthermore, Christian couples are not exempted from being celebrated in their wedding anniversaries. In our post today, we bring to you an exquisite collection of Christian wedding anniversary wishes that suit the occasion. Enjoy the read.

Christian Wedding Anniversary Wishes

Christian Wedding Anniversary Wishes

1: God brought you together and is very much interested in helping you achieve a successful marriage. I am glad it’s working out between both of you. Happy wedding anniversary.

2: You are a blessed couple for your marriage is blissful, peaceful and fruitful. In fact, you couldn’t have asked God for more blessings. Happy wedding anniversary.

3: What God has joined together, no man is permitted to put apart. It is a huge privilege to be married to a man like you, who is determined to make our marriage work by putting me first and above his needs and those of others. Getting wedded to you is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Happy wedding anniversary to us.

4: Your marriage is an inspiration to many families in the neighborhood. The way you relate with each other makes other couples work hard on theirs, and their kids’ hope of a lovely marriage is ever renewed. Continue with your decision to honor God through your wedded life. Happy wedding anniversary.

5: Truly speaking, your home is blessed. It’s one year already, but it feels like you have been married for only two months. And that’s because you still gush over each other like you were newly love-struck. May the Lord’s mercies continue to abound for you. Happy wedding anniversary.

6: I have a lot to say about your marriage but I will just go straight to the point. Yours is simply a marriage made in heaven. If I didn’t know you personally, I would have doubted that such harmony and love still exist in our present-day society. Keep it up, dears. Happy wedding anniversary to you.

Christian Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Wife Or Husband

Christian Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Wife Or Husband

7: Sweetheart, I am delighted on this day to celebrate our fourth year as husband and wife which God made possible. You’ve brought immense joy in my life, one that I never imagined possible with me. Thank you for all the wow moments we share. Happy wedding anniversary.

8: Words become too light to express the deep emotions I feel this very day. Darling, it is my pleasure to be a partaker of another beautiful anniversary celebration of our wedding. Happy wedding anniversary.

9: Baby, I can’t adequately tell how much you mean to me. Always know that I am sincerely grateful that I am married to you, and won’t let you down. So, help me, God. Happy wedding anniversary.

10: Happy wedding anniversary to you, the love of my life. Years ago, we walked down the aisle for a lifetime covenant with each other before God and His saints. Years down, and you are still the down my heart beats for. More years together, I pray for us.

11: Today is a happy day in our lives as we mark the beginning of a new marital adventure as lovers, together. I pray that the grace of our Lord, Jesus Christ, will keep upholding us until in marriage until time is no more. Happy wedding anniversary.

12: Happy wedding anniversary to us. I wish to tell you that you are a divine treasure to me. We are two years down the marital lane, and still counting many more successful milestones ahead of us. May our heart cry be granted smoothly, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.

13: God is indeed, faithful to us and the home He is helping us to build. Recounting the overwhelming blessings He has showered on us within the last twelve months of our marriage, we cant restrain ourselves from saying thank you, Lord. Happy wedding anniversary to us.

14: Happy wedding anniversary to us. It is amazing how far we have come as man and wife. There were some experiences we had which we weren’t in the least, prepared for. But all in all, our Father in heaven proved Himself faithful in our marriage. We look forward to more beautiful years together.

15: It is another wedding anniversary for us! Great is the Lord’s faithfulness and mercy toward us. Definitely, eyes haven’t seen nor ears heard of the awesome blessings he has in store for us in this new year of ours. We can’t wait to walk into them together!!

16: With joy in our hearts, we announce our ten years marital life. The success of our marriage isn’t in our hands but in Jesus’. For that, we remain eternally grateful to Him. Happy wedding anniversary to us.

Christian Wedding Anniversary Wishes To Parents

Christian Wedding Anniversary Wishes To Parents

17: Happy wedding anniversary, mom and dad. You both have been a source of blessing to us physically, emotionally, materially and spiritually. If marriage is all about your kind of marriage, we ate eager to find our better halves. Enjoy many more years together.

18: Happy anniversary to the world’s most loving parents. I am proud of having you as my role models in godliness and excellency of relationship. May God continue beaming His countenance on you and on our family.

19: I thank God for the wonderful opportunity to celebrate my darling parents as they mark their twentieth wedding anniversary. Truth is, I couldn’t have asked for more resourceful personalities like you. You are my blessing. Happy wedding anniversary.

20: Shout out to my joyful mommy and daddy on their wedding anniversary today. Time has gone by; you’ve raised whole kids and also impacted on your worlds. Yet, it is as though you both are just beginning your marital journey. I wish I can be blessed with such spiritual blessings. Have a blast; you deserve that.

21: In honor, God has set your feet on your high places. In provision, He has given you all that you never imagined are yours. In preservation, your marriage is seasoned with the salt of love and tolerance. You are blessed on every side, dad and mom. Happy wedding anniversary.

22: Many years ago, a maiden and her lover took the ultimate decision to remain together forever. Now years later, they are still waxing strong in their decision to stay married. We, your kids, make boast with your love. Happy wedding anniversary!

23: Dad, mom, may God bless the day you found each other. You didn’t just do it for your love but also for your children’s future. Simply put, we are blessed to have selfless parents. Happy wedding anniversary.

24: Happy anniversary to my charismatic parents. You’ve taught me kindness, compassion and the need to be willing in helping others. I am super glad that you will live long to reap the fruit of your labor in my life.

25: Dear parents, may the blessings of the earth and of heaven above be yours as you celebrate your walk together as man and wife. I also wish you a happy wedding anniversary today.

Christian Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Couples

26: I am honored to be a witness on the day you exchanged your vows to each other. Seeing the exceeding blessings of the Lord in your lives causes me to be thankful to Him on your behalf. Happy wedding anniversary, darlings. Your marriage will succeed.

27: If the Lord hasn’t been on your side, enemies would have consumed you. Glory be to God for keeping you together as husband and wife in His peace and love. Happy wedding anniversary.

28: I am convinced that neither principality nor power nor tribulations nor hunger nor nakedness can separate you from the love of God in Christ Jesus. Your marriage is already a success. Happy wedding anniversary.

29: Happy wedding anniversary to my favorite couple. Your marriage has lifted so many lives and has restored hope to the hopeless. You may not know all that you do, but I am sure posterity shall call you blessed.

Christian Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Couples

Christian Happy Wedding Anniversary For Friends

30: Happy wedding anniversary, sweethearts. Just like the rain falls on the ground to make it ready for seeds, so do my prayers and wishes for you this day, open up favorable doors for you in multiple dimensions. Have a blast!

31: It is another wonderful year to celebrate your friendship and commitment to each other as husband and wife. May your territories expand. May you enjoy increase in the fruit of your labor and of procreation. I bless you with the blessings of the Lord. Happy wedding anniversary.

32: With joy in my heart, I wish to felicitate with you on your wedding anniversary today. May the Lord who has shown you inexplicable favor in your marriage, continue to provide exceedingly abundantly for you. Happy wedding anniversary.

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