“Where do broken hearts go/Can they find their way home/Back to the open arms/ Of a love that’s waiting there…” Brokenness. We all can relate with the feeling as the lyrics to that 1987 song by Whitney Houston hits our eyes hard. Often, when we are faced with a loss, betrayal, or the end of a beautiful phase in our lives, we are unable to freely express the hurt and sadness that desperately clutch onto our hearts.

Little can be said of heartbreak from acquaintances, but the most talked about of heartbreaks involve a love relationship. To ease away the pain from a heart broken, it helps to write to the one who your heart feels for. Below are sample broken heart messages that could help put your thoughts into words.

Broken Heart Messages For Him And Her

1: Do you want to know how I feel after we said goodbye? I will answer you right away. I’m feeling too well to escape from this world into darkness, where I can see nothing but emptiness. Hope you’re happier wherever you are.

2: I hurt a lot but I can’t seem to get a lot of sedative to numb my pains. I never knew love could be this wicked.

3: As much as I try to tell myself that it will soon be over, and that I’ll bounce back, I want to admit that I lack the strength to move on.

4: Behind my eyeballs, there’s nothing left but patches of dried blood from many nights of weeping. Why did you have to grind my heart the way you did?

5: Did we have to end what we shared? Did we have to let go of each other? What meaning does life hold without you by my side?

6: Each day, I try to do activities that will help me stop thinking about you. I’ve gotten myself drunk with alcohol, and have played music so loudly but they couldn’t drown you in my mind. I’m shattered. Completely.

7: The pain in my heart makes me appreciate the value of true happiness. Your leaving has changed my life.

8: Do you know it’s easy to fall in love but quite difficult to climb out of it? Will I ever climb out successfully? With such deep agony?

9: It could be counted a loss, but I gained a lot. Thank you for making me realise that life isn’t a journey of ease. I hope to heal and embrace love again, someday.

10: If I knew that this love did have an end, I would have never thought forever of it.

11: I was in love with you, but I wasn’t good enough to make you love me. Is that an irony? I would have to ask sane minds.

12: It is great to have known you for who you are. If I hadn’t, I would have always thought that I was incapable of loving with all that I have.

13: I had dreams for us; I conjured up beautiful imaginations of our forever together. But reality has dawned on me; I guess we are good apart. Hoping my dreams are fulfilled elsewhere.

Broken Heart Messages For Him

Broken Heart Messages for him

1: We held hands, we kissed, we showed each other love. Where did we go wrong? What happened to us? Why am I crying instead of laughing?

2: Love has been unfair to me, but I think I will survive, once again.

3: What can I do to make you take me back? How can I make you see the scarlet blood oozing out from my heart? How can I live if you leave me to myself?

4: Just like that, and our years of hard work go down the drain. Didn’t we promise each other our loyalty and friendship? Why are we hurting each other this much?

5: It isn’t enough to say that you’re sorry; it doesn’t change the fact that we are never going to be the same ever.

6: I loved you, and still love you. Even if we have to part ways, at least let me keep loving you from a distance.

7: My heart is broken, and I am in a search for healing. The feeling is surreal to me; what good explanation will I give to my heart, body and soul?

8: Try as I may, it is simply impossible to forget you. Your love was a very special one to me, and I haven’t been able to get any that compares to it.

9: I wish I never met you. I wish I never risked loving you. I wish I never believed that you were the one for me.

10: How do you think it’s easy to let go of you? I loved you with everything I have and with all that I am. Tell me, where do I go from here?

11: I was better off living in ignorance of love. Knowing and loving you have wrecked my uncomplicated life.

12: All the while that we loved each other with a careless abandon, did it ever cross your mind that a day like this would come, when we will be talking about us in the past?

13: Instead of love messages, we are sending broken heart messages. Of what use is loving when it will end up a sham?

14: Was I deceived? I doubt that. But I wished I was told from the onset, that I would come back to regret ever being vulnerable. I thought this love will be peculiar.

15: After all we’ve been through together, it is unbelievable that we made room for a singular reason to separate. Was our love strong in the first place?

16: I know we met under unlikely circumstances, but it wasn’t compulsory that we severed our tie like we never professed our love for each other.

17: You made me happy, and I am deeply sorry that we didn’t live our moments without afflicting each other with untold pains.

18: I think we are better off apart. The more I thought that I would have given us a second chance together, the more it is clearer that it will be a disfavour to our individual happiness.

Broken Heart Messages For Her

Broken Heart Messages for her

1: If it was prophesied to me that you would betray our love, I would have counted it as folly. But here I am, wishing I was prepared beforehand for the shock.

2: Can you remember how important our anniversary date was to us? Can you also remember that it was on that day that we kissed each other goodbye?

3: I hold on to the promise of a better future. Yes, I do, even though my heart is in a million pieces.

4: Believe me when I say that I loved you more than life itself. I was willing to walk miles for you; I actually travelled far distances to be with you. Can you let me know my offence? Could you hurt my heart so?

5: It is a terrible thing to wait on a love that has no intention of coming. Thank you for teaching me patience and endurance.

6: Will you be able to look into my eyes and tell me that you hate me? Will you run away from me when I open my arms for an embrace?

7: Ultimately, life holds surprises and fun. Though it is a bitter happening, I am sure that this disappointment will work out something nice in the future.

8: I trusted you without looking back. I held onto you in spite of myself. Is betrayal my reward?

9: Do me a favour by giving me just one reason why you have chosen to make my life miserable. How else would I have been if I didn’t love you?

10: The answer to all my prayers was in your eyes. Your touch brought me comfort, and it was divine to be in your arms. Will you be pleased if I tell you I have nowhere to go from here?

11: You don’t know how much you mean to me. If you do, you wouldn’t have to punish me the way you do.

Sad broken heart Messages

12: I have cried for your love more than I wept in excruciating pain. How can I prove to you that my heart needs you to survive?

13: You can keep away riches and beauty from me, but not your love. These past days without you have been hellish. My world is already bleak.

14: I was warned, but I thought you meant it this time around. How else would I have lived if I didn’t think that things would be a lot different after you apologised for cheating on me?

15: The nights are now longer than they use to be. The days are annoyingly shorter than they should be. How can love have this much venom in it?

16: When I needed you close, you were nowhere to be seen. When I hunted for a loving shoulder to lean on, yours was cold and too far to be reached. That is how painful love can be.

17: The sky holds no light on it because there’s no morning sun to light it up. It’s been months since we stopped seeing each other, and truly, life hasn’t been the same.