The joy of every parent is to live to see their children celebrate as twelve calendar months in their lives turn into a year of birthday celebration. A son is known as the male child of a family, and his birthday sports a tempo that reminds everyone that he would soon become a man (if he hasn’t changed into one already).

Below are nice birthday messages for your son to let him know that his gradual but irreversible growth and development means a lot to you.

Birthday Wishes For Son

1: I am glad to witness this day when my precious son turns a year older. May you keep excelling in all you do in life. Happy birthday.

2: Your kind is rare. Truly, you are a special person to me, sent from above. I have only blessings to shower on you on this wonderful day in your life. Happy birthday, son.

3: Son, words don’t do justice to the extravagant joy in my heart as you mark another year in your life. I wish above all things, that you remain as outstanding as the happiness you bring into my life. Happy birthday.

4: If I had a way to appear before you in person, I would have done so. All the same, distance cannot stop me from sending you my kisses and hugs as you become a year older today. Happy birthday, boy.

5: You came into my life, and beamed a light of hope in me. For you, I will conquer mountains and fill valleys with possibilities. Happy birthday, son. Keep growing in grace.

Birthday Wishes For Son

6: I am really proud of the man you are becoming. It was just as if it were yesterday that you were a toddler, eating mashed foods. Happy birthday. May all your good desires come true.

7: On this fantastic day, I want to wish you a fun celebration devoid of worries. Happy birthday, dear son.

8: I can vividly remember how you cackled on seeing the eager faces of your sisters. Ever since then, your smiles haven’t ceased to bring warmth to our hearts. Happy birthday, son. Shine!

9: You are very important to God, to me, to our family, and to the world. Never forget that. Happy birthday, boy.

10: If I have mere gifts to offer, I will give you the finest of rubies. Since I have something more valuable than precious stones, I will give it to you: happy birthday, my son, my treasure.

11: No day passes by without seeing me appreciate the Most High God for the opportunity to father you. You’ve been an incredible blessing to me, and I wish you heaven’s best today. Happy birthday, son.

12: If a census of the most loving sons should be taken the world over, you will rank as number one. Happy birthday, Mr Wonderful.

13: Who will ever believe that my child of yesterday has grown into a man of today? I am stunned as well as excited to see you waxing in health and vigor. Happy birthday, son.

14: Happy birthday, son. Always be grateful for life is true to only the hearts of gratitude.

15: I want to wish you an exceedingly happy birthday today, baby boy. You deserve nothing but a fun-filled day. Go get it!

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes For Son

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes For Son

16: At times, I do wonder at the rate with which time zooms past. I must confess that you are growing into a great man of excellence. Happy birthday, my super son.

17: Your dad and I are pleased with what God is doing in and through your life. May His purpose never be defeated. Happy birthday, lovely son.

18: You are my dearest son, my womb opener. You stepped into my life with favor, and I pray for an increase in favor in your life. Happy birthday.

19: I am well convinced that your life is destined for greatness. As you turn a year older on this day, may you be able to live in the fullness of your calling. Happy birthday, dear son.

20: It hasn’t been easy, but it sure has been worth it. I must say that you have come this far in life, never to be a failure. Happy birthday, son.

21: I owe only God my thanks and adoration for giving me a perfect son for a child. You are my blessing; only blessings shall follow you. Happy birthday.

22: The winds will blow, and the storms will rage. You will experience ups and downs, and may question the authenticity of life. But, be rest assured that you were born to conquer your world. Happy birthday, dear son.

23: I prayed for a child, and received a son from God. He gave you to me free of charge, and I know that He will lead you through life even when you never asked for it. Happy birthday, son.

24: Whenever I remember you, my face breaks into soft smiles. You are a child of consolation, the one that gave me a face in the presence of my enemies. Live to excel, boy! Happy birthday.

25: Right from time, you have always looked out for me. You ensure that I am comfortable without having anything to worry about. On your birthday today, I wish you long life, good health, and prosperity. Happy birthday, son.

26: The world is standing at an attention to celebrate my child of valor. You possess great strength, nothing evil shall defeat you. Happy birthday, son.

27: Be it known on this day that you are much more handsome, intelligent, smart, and empathetic than you have ever thought you are. Happy birthday, my awesome son.

28: Just as the stars twinkle brightly to light up the skies, so do you radiate God’s glory to make our world a better place. Happy birthday, son.

29: In place of sorrow, may joy be the melody your heart sings. In place of weakness, may you blossom in strength, and in place of lack, may you be a commander of affluence. Happy birthday, son.

30: You are my gift from above, the son of my youth. I only hope that the world will celebrate you soon. Happy birthday!

31: Time and again, I am led to remind you that you are special and extraordinarily unique. Happy birthday, son.

32: I love you, and this day is no different to let you know that I really, truly, genuinely love you, my awesome son. Happy birthday.

33: Have fun and celebrate, sweetheart. It is your birthday today, and I wish to let you know that I am very proud of you.

34: You are stronger and wiser today, baby boy. Live in the moment; live fully. Happy birthday.

35: It is another birthday of yours today, and I am overwhelmed with excitement. I rejoice with the host of heaven on this day that ushers in a brand new beginning for you. Enjoy, and have a glorious birthday.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Son

Funny Birthday Wishes For Son

36: I am very sure that you have concluded on your grand scheme of robbing me of my hard earned money in the guise of wanting a 16th birthday gift. What can I do about it? Happy birthday, my dear son.

37: Happy birthday, my boy. I cant wait to address you as Mr so and so in ten years’ time. Grow sooner!

38: It is quite interesting to notice that two pairs of teeth have grown where there used to be dark red gums. My little boy is growing, what a reality! Happy birthday, angel.

39: On this terrific day, I want to wish you a trouble-free birthday with no terrible happening until it is another new day. I do hope you will outgrow your mischievousness someday, son.

40: Happy birthday, son. I am reminded that you are a year older today. I only wish that you are able to recognize that the time is fast approaching when you will start throwing parties for us, instead of the other way round. Am I communicating?

41: It is true that anything that eats grows. It seems like yesterday was the day you threw a tantrum for a piece of cake in your own birthday bash. See how much you’ve grown. Happy birthday, son.

42: Happy birthday, chairman. May you live long, be fruitful, and multiply by bringing a wife home by this time next year!

43: You are more or less a full-fledged man. If you aren’t, why are you grooming beards at 14? Happy birthday all the same!

44: Happy birthday, my cute little boy. Grow in wisdom, and fast at that too. Mama wants to reclaim her breasts!

45: Happy birthday, sweetheart. Today ushers all of us into your world as you become an adolescent. I pray that we will sail through it smoothly together.

46: Once in a while, it takes a birthday to remind us that you are growing up and will soon start demanding for your own bathroom. Happy birthday, son. May you grow to love cleanliness.

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