Generally, one is an uncle or an aunt because there’s a nephew (or niece) in the picture. In addition to that, playing the role of an uncle/aunt is a blessing if you have a nephew that responds to your loving gestures. On the occasion of his birthday, you are expected to be one of the first to congratulate him on a new age attained and wish him a happy birthday.

The following birthday wishes for nephew are a guide and an inspiration to help you create your unique birthday wishes.

Birthday Wishes For Nephew

Birthday Wishes For Nephew

1: Happy birthday to my lively boy. You are growing into a fine gentleman and I couldn’t be any happier.

2: On this day, a special one was born into this world to make it a better place. I pray that the goodness in you will be a blessing to everyone you are associated with. Happy birthday, nephew.

3: I have always known you are different. You handle issues with maturity and much respect for the opinion of others, and that’s why I am proud to be your uncle. On your birthday today, may the good favor of life be yours to have.

4: Happy birthday, my dearest nephew. God’s grace as you live through this new year successfully.

5: Words alone do little to express my wholehearted joy to be a witness to your 10th birthday today. It is a worthy milestone to attain, and I join the host of heaven to celebrate you.

6: Happy birthday, my one and only nephew. Thank you for the special times we shared and for teaching me to grow up fast to take good care of you.

Birthday Wishes For Nephew

7: Life is short, live the best of you. Be rest assured that I am your biggest fan all the way. Happy birthday, big guy.

8: If there ever were to be another life, I would come back as your aunt for you are the sweetest nephew one can ask for. Happy birthday, angel.

9: Dear nephew, your birthday today calls for great cheers. Amongst the many reasons to celebrate is the miracle of your new age; happy birthday!!!

10: I believe in you and in the bright future that awaits you. From my heart, I wish you a wonderful birthday celebration, dude.

11: You are a guy but your culinary skills are unrivalled by any from women I know. Have for yourself a beautiful birthday, nephew.

12: No gift, no wish is too big to honor you on your birthday today simply because you are a star. Happy birthday, nephew.

13: May the Lord keep you for me, dear nephew. May He lift you and bring to past your earnest heart desires according to His will for your life. Happy birthday.

14: You are destined to be great. As you celebrate your 20th birthday today, we can easily identify with many of your landmark achievements within your short time on earth. All we can say is, “Be more!” Happy birthday.

15: Right from time, you’ve been my favorite relative who I don’t take for granted. So, for your birthday, I wish you the choicest of heaven’s blessings.

16: You cooed your way into my arms and ever since then, I have never stopped loving you, nephew. Happy birthday.

17: Sweet nephew, you have grown into a handsome and vibrant young man who I have always prayed for you to become. You are, and will remain a source of joy to our family. Happy birthday.

18: Happy birthday, nephew. You can only imagine the awesome blessings that await you in your new year. Just get ready to be wonderfully surprised.

19: Happy 1st birthday, nephew. You are an adorable boy and a pure delight to many.

20: Happy birthday, son. I call you son because you treat me like I am your father, and not your uncle. May the special blessings due to a loving son be rested upon you this day as you mark another birthday in your life.

21: Time and seasons have fulfilled their bit by completing another 365-days circle in your life today. It is my turn to acknowledge this goodness by wishing you a glorious birthday celebration.

22: Happy birthday to my powerful nephew. Walk through this day with the confidence that the world is at your feet.

23: It isn’t a coincidence that you were born on my birthday, beloved nephew. By implication, the extra blessing of my own birthday have become yours. Keep shining.

24: A thousand hugs and kisses for my endearing nephew on his birthday. You are the best.

25: Hearts like yours color the world beautiful. Happy birthday, dearest.

26: Dear nephew, I would have loved to behold your ever-cheerful countenance come alive as I wish you a joyous birthday celebration. But since we are hundreds of miles away, the wishes I send across will still do the job of giving you a memorable day to remember.

27: Happy birthday, precious one. Your kind is rare and priceless.

28: Happy birthday, nephew. You are a role model to your siblings and a huge inspiration to your cousins. Keep living honorably.

29: Happy birthday, star boy!

30: To be able to achieve a lot in life, one has to be determined to pursue one’s dreams to a successful end. You are an embodiment of a purposeful dream chaser, nephew. Happy birthday.

31: As salt adds flavor to a dish, so does your life to our clan. Happy birthday, nephew.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Nephew

Birthday Wishes For Nephew

1: I first became an aunt because you were born. Therefore, it is mandatory I become the first to wish you a happy birthday. Any wish before mine is struck out as far as I am concerned.

2: A glorious birthday to the prince of millennials. Sure you will reserve some of your brain-popping curiosity and impatience for the next generation. You really, really need to because it is already becoming too much for us to handle.

3: Happy birthday, my amiable nephew. I knew you would grow tall like your dad but never imagined the giant you’ve metamorphosed into. One request: could you’ll lend me just a few inches of yours to add to mine?

4: It will be a heinous crime not to send you a birthday wish. Even the guilt alone will make me lose weight. So, happy birthday to you, my boisterous nephew.

5: Happy birthday. I love the way you take life easy; that is to say you won’t mind if no gift comes from my end on your birthday today. Hey! I’m only joking lest you cry your eyes out on this yummy day.

6: I woke up this morning to your reminder that it’s your birthday today. I know it isn’t an ordinary one which ends with a birthday wish. But I’ve got to wish you a happy birthday first.

7: The thing about birthdays is that they make you give all of your love to someone without expecting anything in return. But they will still thank you as though you died for them. Happy birthday, loving nephew.

8: Happy birthday, dude. It’s funny how we are age mates and I am your uncle. Who is to take the blame for this awful coincidence: my mom or yours?

9: Happy birthday, dear. Have fun but stay out of trouble. You know I am a law-abiding citizen and so, wouldn’t want to murder someone on your behalf.

Birthday Wishes For Nephew From Aunt

Birthday Wishes For Nephew From Aunt

1: I am delighted to wish you a happy birthday, sunshine. I love you.

2: Happy birthday, handsome. I can recall how thunderous my shout was when I welcomed you at your birth. Five years later, you still give me reasons to wow in amazement.

3: Happy birthday, dear. I want you to always remember that you are my most cherished of all my nephews. It has little to do with favoritism and more to do with God’s favor upon your life.

4: When I think about how helpful you’ve been to me in my lowest moments in life, I can’t help but thank God for blessing me with a compassionate man in your person. Happy birthday, nephew.

5: Joyous birthday, his aunt’s dearest. May the odds continually be in your favor.

6: May you be the best among your contemporaries. May all your endeavors be successful. Happy birthday, honey.

7: Dear nephew, I can’t say enough of your virtues. You are truly a child any parent or relative can be proud of. Happy birthday.

8: Happy birthday, little one. Grow in grace; the world is eager for your manifestation.

9: Your birth made me a proud aunt. On this day, I pray that your influence will be felt far and near. Also, people of importance shall be attracted to you from all the corners of the earth. Happy birthday.

10: My beloved, you’ve always been looking out for my kids even when you didn’t have to. For that and more, I want to thank you. Wishing you a wonderful birthday celebration today.