She’s the first to feed you as your existence set in. In her was your first bed; her voice sang the first melodies your ears heard. She’s mother, and her love, so pure, is such that only a few mortals can muster. Her birthday is a wonderful opportunity to drum into her ears, how much she’s cherished even though she cannot be repaid for her innumerable sacrifices for us.

Right below are birthday wishes for mom which can ignite yours from your soul.

Deep Birthday Wishes For Mom

1: You’re my mother, and that you’ll always be. I can’t replace you with anything nor anyone. Happy birthday!

2: I never quite understood who you were to me until I came to experience life for myself. I am forever indebted to you, mom. Happy birthday.

3: There’s no other as truthful in her actions as you, mother. All I desire is for you to live long to see me take care of you. Happy birthday.

4: Words can express my thoughts, but it takes tears to explain how my heart beats for you. I love you, mom. You’re blessed. Happy birthday.

5: May this day be long enough for me to take you on a worthy ride around the city. You mean a lot to me. Happy birthday, mommy.

6: Delicious are cakes, lovely are water fountains. But you mum, are incomparable. Happy birthday, her royal sweetness.

Deep Birthday Wishes For Mom

7: Even if I close an entire supermarket and rent a hotel for you, I wouldn’t scratch the surface of the pains you endured for me. Happy birthday, Mami. I will make you proud.

8: When I talk about the best, it stems from the idea of who my mother is. I make boast of you, anytime, anywhere. Happy birthday, mom.

9: Time and again, I tell myself that it takes the heart of a mother to love unconditionally. God gave you to me to show that He is real. Happy birthday, mum.

10: Through the thick and thin, you stood by my side like a rock. You put your life on the line to ensure my safety. Oh! How can I describe how much you love me, mother? I will never take you for granted. Happy birthday.

11: I don’t have to scream to let you know your worth to me. There’s no need jumping about to demonstrate how much I treasure you. But every touch of my hand, every hug of mine, carries the message heavily. Happy birthday, mom.

12: This year will surely be the most memorable one for you. It is your birthday today; make merry. Happy birthday, mom.

13: The stars don’t have to wait for our approval to shine. You are an extraordinary mother, and the brightest of all shining stars. Happy birthday.

14: Often, I find myself thanking God unconsciously for allowing you to birth me. You make a huge difference in my world. Happy birthday, mum.

Long Birthday Wishes For Mom

15: I am happy that I’m growing to be the exact replica of my mom, in character and integrity. Mother, you’re my buddy as well as my role model; it is such a huge privilege to have fed from your breasts, and to have sat on your laps. I love you. Happy birthday.

16: How the weeks and months flew by! Today is a great day to remind you that you’re an amazing woman. Though I tell you all the time that you’re wonderful, I want to proclaim it again and again so that the world will know what manner of woman you’re to me. You’re a wonderful mother. Happy birthday.

17: Kisses, roses, hugs…You’re deserving of every good thing, darling mom. I’ve hurt you many times deliberately, but you’ve chosen to look beyond all, to love me all the same. You’re a wonder to me, and I choose to stay dazzled by you. Happy birthday. Experience long life and prosperity.

18: Come what may, I will always be there for you, mother. I have no excuse not to do you well because your choice to nurture me deprived you of so many opportunities. Needless to say, you’ve got a golden heart. I love you dearly, and wish you a lovely birthday celebration.

19: Amongst mothers, you are outstanding. Amongst women, you are exceptional. Amongst humans, you are a rare breed. Thank you for all that you gave to me regardless of their cost. Thank you for loving me despite the odds. Happy birthday, mother.

20: Everything I learned about empathy and care came from you. Your acts of charity are evident in the many lives you’ve touched. When you speak, only kindness is heard. There was never a time I saw you weak and drained. You’re the right kind of inspiration to me, and I’m forever in love with you, mum. Happy birthday.

21: I hope that all you desire out of life will come running toward you this year. None of your silent prayers shall go unanswered, I assure you. You are one of the most consistent and loving personalities I’ve ever known; I’m proud to be your child. Happy birthday, mom.

22: Jewelleries and fancy clothes aren’t sufficient gifts for you. Cakes and drinks are just for today, but etched on my heart, is a flaming symbol of love for you. My happiness is that I am old enough to spoil you silly; I only need you to give me your consent and time. Happy birthday, sweet mum.

23: Truly, a mother’s love is irreplaceable. Her hands turn iron to gold; her hope can fire a rocket into space. All the time, I feel blessed to have being under your tutelage; mine would have been a directionless life. For all you’ve done for me to ensure that I become a person of substance, I am grateful. I cherish you always. Happy birthday.

Prayer Birthday Wishes For Mom

Prayer Birthday Wishes For Mom

24: I woke up this morning with great excitement, knowing that it is my mum’s birthday today. Mum, you have been called to a life of excellence, and this is another year for you to exemplify that. Keep reigning. Happy birthday.

25: Dearest mother, you’ll succeed in all you do. Nothing shall keep you from accessing the good things of this life which your heart desires. Happy birthday.

26: Mum, I have a lot of good wishes for you, but I will make a simple, sincere prayer on your behalf. Dear Lord, may you open the eyes of my mother to behold the great and mighty blessings you’ve brought into her new year. Amen.

27: It is in vain to hope when the will of God isn’t in support. But I know that since He willed it that you will be a partaker of life this day, your hopes and aspirations shall be fruitful. Happy birthday, mommy.

28: Mom, the woman you were last year will be jealous of the woman you will be this year. Increase in all sides. Happy birthday.

29: I wish above all things, that you walk in the favor of the Most High. May you never stumble this year. Happy birthday, pretty mum.

30: It is my heart’s wish to see you happy all the days of your life. I pray that the good Lord will strengthen me to be a source of joy to you. Happy birthday, ma.

31: Mom, instead of sickness, you will enjoy sound health. Instead of poverty, you will enjoy riches. You will be great and not small. Happy birthday.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Mom

Funny Birthday Wishes For Mom

32: Happy birthday to my superb mom, the woman who knows how to make me yell for food. I hail your strength!

33: It is your day today, mom. A day set aside to answer to your every whim and command. Hope you’ll be considerate enough to give us a break. Happy birthday!!

34: Of all the things that I will want to do with you today, what comes first is to delight myself in a homemade meal, courtesy of your hands. I hope you’ll not fail me. Happy birthday, mom.

35: Happy birthday, mum. I think you’ve grown a bit older than you were last year, but your elegance is still untouched. Remain ever young for me, please.

36: One of the ways to know a good woman is from the quality of food she cooks even when there’s cake to eat. Don’t disappoint us, mom. Happy birthday.

37: From your naughty child: happy birthday, mother. Don’t get scared because I will be well-behaved just for today.

38: I am pretty sure that you’ve planned today to be a terrible one for my pockets. Well, it is allowed for you are one in a million. Happy birthday, sweetest mum.

39: I am in no doubt that you and dad will have a swell time today. I look forward to getting married to the woman of my dreams. Meanwhile, happy birthday, mother.

40: Happy birthday to the world’s strictest mom. More grace to your elbow!