Wishing your dog, a ‘happy birthday’ is not as weird as it sounds. If you think it’s weird, then do you even love your dog? Think about it this way; dogs have been deemed to be man’s best friend simply because of their unmatched loyalty. Your dog is no different.

Any pet owner knows that animals too, have feelings. Reading out a heartfelt birthday wish to them accompanied by their favorite meal could send the desired message. Don’t worry, we have all the right compositions if you don’t know how or where to start.

To make it even more fun, you could make it a family activity where the kids help you choose a wish from the list below.

Birthday Wishes For Dog

1: Happiest birthday to my best animal friend who loves and cares about me more than all my friends combined. Thank you for the company and fun times.

2: Celebrating your birthday makes me want to measure people’s ages in dog years. Happy birthday, dear dog.

3: For your first birthday, I plan on letting you sleep peacefully so you can dream about squirrels and bones.

4: As the saying goes, every dog has its day and today is yours. A big day indeed. Though you might not understand what is happening, I wish you a happy birthday.

 Birthday Wishes For Dog

5: I have decided to wish you a happy birthday each time I see you this whole week because you tend to forget what I tell you.

6: Happy birthday to the best dog in the world. As you eat your favorite meal, remember you are allowed to lick me as many times as possible today.

7: After dinner, we will sing happy birthday songs for you. Well, I’m the one who will sing, and you can try barking to the rhythm.

8: You are the greatest birthday friend because I scratch you without expecting to find anything magical hidden between your ears.

9: People say that they need less barking and more wagging, but I wouldn’t mind if you did both on your birthday. Celebrate with all the dog energy you have.

10: I know that nobody in the whole world loves me as you do. After a tiresome day at work, your cuddly welcome takes away all my fatigue. Happy birthday buddy! I love you.

11: If you’re having the best birthday yet, let me see you wagging your tail a bit harder. I knew you wouldn’t disappoint.

12: Today is probably the only day I can allow you to give me a big canine kiss that leaves me all wet and disgusted. I know that would make you happy. But you deserve it because it’s your birthday. Have a good one buddy.

13: I know it is your birthday, but I would never allow you to blow the candles. Our friends would most-probably eat a cake blown by a human being. You’ll have to sit this one out buddy.

14: Today is your birthday, I’m planning on getting home from work early enough so we can relax, watch your favorite shows and enjoy each other’s company. Happy birthday.

15: No one, not even my human friends have been able to make my hardest days so bearable like you do. You are a blessing in disguise who is also annoying as hell sometimes, but the happy times outweigh the bad ones. Happy birthday!

16: If I could get one wish today, it would be for you to live as long as I do, so that none of us has to live without the other. I love you, buddy. Happy birthday.

17: The best treat I can think for your birthday is to give you all your favorite meals at the same time and let you play along with all your furry friends in the neighborhood. That way, you would have the best dog birthday party. Have a good one.

18: In so many ways, your cuddles and soft barks are my morning alarm, my homecoming greeting, and my care charmer. You have given me all the love I needed. Have the most spectacular birthday, my beautiful pup.

19: My home, our home has become much better and more comfortable with you in it. There is no way I could resist those hugs and icky kisses. You are a blessing to me. Happy birthday, even though you probably don’t understand everything I just said.

20: There is no better privilege than growing up with a dog who is also your best friend. The countless adventures and life lessons learned have helped me pull through the worst situations. Thank you for being more than a pet to me. Happy birthday.

21: Happy birthday to the most obedient and charming dog in the whole world. My friends have always wondered why I have so many pictures of you but its because you are my best friend. I celebrate you today!

22: As you turn one year older, may you grow more beautiful and smarter. You will have all the meat in the world today. Happy birthday!

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes For Dog

funny Birthday Wishes For Dog

23: Happy birthday to my adorable dog who always makes me smile. One thing I love about you is that you are not governed my moods like human beings. Cheers!

24: This may sound a bit extra to some, but my dog’s birthday would have been incomplete if I had not announced it to the whole world. Thank you for being the best pet, and happy birthday.

25: I dedicate my whole Facebook and Instagram status to the one creature that understands me, my dog. You are without question, the best gift I have ever received, even though you get on my nerves sometimes. Happy birthday.

26: I guess your birthday is mother nature’s way of showing me how I should keep on pampering you and treating you like a baby. Count on me to do that. Enjoy this special day while it lasts.

27: Wishing the best birthday yet for my lovely dog. My love for you knows no bounds and has no expiry date. You will remain in my heart till the very end. I wish I could let you eat up the cushions, but I’ll let you have as much meat as you want.

28: Regardless of the grey mood in life, you come up with ways to uplift me. Your playful nature and funny noises you make men the world to me. Long may you live!

29: Sometimes, I just wish you could talk instead of bark. That way, we would complete sentences and argue things out like grownups. Happy birthday. Say ‘woof’ if you understand.

30: Trailing me wherever I go and instilling a playful mood in me is something I will always be grateful for. Though my partner is usually jealous when you lick and cuddle with me, you have all the permission to do so today.

31: How would anyone live without the random ‘woofs’ and annoying licks? I appreciate you being there for me and gracing the past few years with the best memories of love and friendship. Happy birthday to my one and only dog.

32: To the only four-legged friend I have: Looking back, I can only acknowledge the smiles you have brought in my life and the sense of belonging you have given me. Live long enough to spread such cheers to more people.

33: According to scientists, you know, those scary people in white coats, the average dog is way much nicer than the average person. But you are above average, which means you are better than so many people. May you live to see more birthdays.

34: As a puppy, you were always happy, playful and extremely compassionate. I’m glad you have maintained the same character. We just have to find you an actual dog-partner now. Happy birthday.

35: I know I give you dry food most times, but you always reciprocate by giving me love and affection. I truly don’t deserve you. A true dime!

36: You might be wondering why we don’t have tails to wag when we are happy, but I get genuinely excited when you come rushing to welcome me home. Thank you and have a good birthday.

37: As you turn a year older, keep in mind that the size of the dog doesn’t matter, rather than the size of the party for the dog. Thank you.

38: Happy birthday to the fattest and ridiculously big dog. They say that the size of the dog does not matter, rather than the size of the fight in the dog. I can say the same for love. You have an impressive heart. Thank you.

39: It’s funny how you seem so arrogant at first and then so cute and sweet when you lie on my bed and my feet. Live on to see my kids. Happy birthday.

40: Keeping you in a leash is not my wish, but it’s where you learn how to be independent and disciplined. You are still the best thing that has happened to me. Happy birthday, doll.

41: Here’s to another exciting year of jumping on me and licking. You are permitted to do all you wish, but only for a day.

42: Bark once if you love me. Bark twice if you feel like loving me more. Happy birthday to the best dog.

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