Family is all about celebrating each other during good times and coming through for each other during the gloomy days. Regardless of how close or distant you are to your cousin, sending a personalized birthday message is the least you could do to show some love!

Most times, we are not only lost for words but also don’t know how to relay the message as desired. Our well-curated categories below provide timeless sample birthday wishes for your cousin, offering you a chance to remind them just how much they mean to you

Read on and make the best out of it!

Birthday Wishes for Cousin

1: Happy birthday to the happiest lad on the planet today. I got you the best birthday gift cousin. I can’t wait to see you. Stay safe and have fun responsibly. Cheers to more years!

2: My only prayer for you as you turn one year older is that you reach higher in life as time goes by. You’ve reached where many, only dream of, but I know there is more in store for you. Happy birthday, cousin.

3: Happiest birthday to my most favorite cousin. Wishing you a birthday filled with smiles, lots of beer, and chicken. You have been an inspiration to me and many more. Thank you for everything. Enjoy this special day.

4: Congratulations on getting older cousin! What I love most about you is that you can be counted on, regardless of the time or occasion. Cheers to many more years of friendship and family love. Happy birthday.

5: Having a cousin who is fearless, fun, and annoying is a blessing. Throughout tough times, you have been there for me. As you celebrate your much-awaited birthday, know you have a brother and a friend in me. Happy birthday.

6: Continue soaring higher in life, dear cousin. I thank God that you’ve come this far, having avoided all situations that would have destroyed your destiny. Here’s to new goals and higher achievements. Happy birthday.

7: The bond we have is stronger than any argument we’ve had over the years. Today being your special day, let’s call it a truce and celebrate the friendship and union. Happy birthday, cousin.

8: Happy birthday to the most beautiful cousin. Stay classy and amazing even as age catches up on you. Remember to count the many blessings you have.

9: Happiness, favor, and God’s blessings are all I wish for you on your birthday. You deserve all the good things in life cousin. You’ve been nothing but supportive and impactful in this journey called life. Thank you and best wishes!

10: Friendships come and go, but family sticks around for life. Having a cousin as open-minded and adorable as you has been transformational for me. Happy birthday to a person I value so much.

11: Happy birthday. I love you cousin! I might not express it most concisely, but I hope you understand the sincerity of my words and warm wishes. Enjoy this day and let every fiber within you relax and have fun.

12: In your queer way, you have helped me strive to become a better person. May your birthday be filled with surprises and great resolutions. You can do everything you set your mind to do cousin!

13: My cousin and friend, we have come far, but the journey is not yet over. Life has not been easy, but with people like you around, it gets a bit easier. Fantastic birthday and great celebrations on this special day.

14: Dear cousin, I am proud of the person you are becoming! I wouldn’t trade any of our memories for anything. Stay wild, have fun, and have a jolly happy birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Male Cousin

Birthday Wishes for Male Cousin

1: Since your last birthday, you have grown exponentially, and I would never be any prouder. Cousin, as you turn a year older, always keep in mind that you were born to be great. Conquer your fears, conquer the world.

2: Wishing you a very happy birthday buddy. Even on your lowest days, know you have a faithful set of friends and family whom you can always count on. Cheers to good times.

3: You are one of the best cousins I have and for that, I am eternally grateful. All I wish for you on your birthday is good health, more love, and happiness. Life’s too short! Go out there and achieve your dreams.

4: Even normal people would regard as close friends. Thank you for being more than a mere cousin to me. Happy birthday! May all your dreams and desires come to pass.

5: With each passing day, I wish the best for you, dear cousin. In a world where most people are distant from their families, I’m glad we are close friends. Happy birthday!

6: We grew up together and watched each other change into the people we are today. It is rebels like you that keep us exploring and dreaming. Have the birthday of a lifetime tonight and try staying alive.

7: I am perpetually grateful to have you in my life for all these years. For being an incredible friend and the best cousin, anyone would ask for, I owe you big time. Happy birthday.

8: I hope you have a blast on your birthday, with lots of surprises and goodies because you deserve it all. You will always be the go-to cousin because of your ability to provide accurate solutions in dire situations and telling the funniest jokes in the room. Have a good one!

9: Today, unlike all the other days, relax, forget all about chores, assignments, or any other thing that bugs you. Happy birthday and don’t forget to smile. I appreciate your humility and energy, cousin.

10: It’s amazing how we share so many memories; most of them good, some of them bad. I’m glad to be part of your journey and to see you reach your greatest heights. Happy birthday! Keep shinning, like the genius you are.

11: Wishing my first and best cousin a wonderful day and a happy birthday. Ahead of you, lies greatness and I am beyond surety, that you have all it takes to attain your best life.

12: Growing up as close friends has been a key contributor to the place I am in right now. Here’s to more reckless decisions, greater business strategies, and blessings beyond measure. Happy birthday, cousin!

13: Today, we acknowledge you as the only king in the world. You better enjoy this status while it lasts. Wishing you the best this life has to offer. Happy birthday sir!

14: Happy birthday, mate. One would mistake us for brothers and not cousins, and that’s how I know you are my favorite in the extended family. May all your effort and ambition yield great fruits.

Birthday Wishes for Female Cousin

 Birthday Wishes for Female Cousin

1: Dearest cousin, you have been such a blessing! Thank you for always listening to my rants and for giving me sound advice. Here’s to celebrating more birthdays. Enjoy!

2: Happy birthday to the kindest and most understanding cousin in the world. To me, you are like a sister. Seeing you become an adult is the most heart-warming thing. Go out there and prove to the world, just how great you are.

3: Your presence has been a constant source of happiness for me and everyone around you. On your special day, I hope all your prayers get answered and that all your heart’s desires get fulfilled. Happy birthday!

4: Happy birthday to one of the few people who’s faults and jokes I can tolerate. Cheers to being friends for life and to supporting each other. I love and appreciate you.

5: Despite being cousins, I like it that we think of ourselves as good friends. Continue growing wiser and more beautiful. Have fun and dance the night away because you deserve it. Happy birthday!

6: Behind your amazing exterior, is a soul that loves and a spirit that is pumped to achieve the best. Sending my best wishes to one of the most ambitious cousins I know. Your journey is just beginning!

7: Undeniably, I would never have gotten this far without you. You have left great footprints in my life. I hope your goodness continues burning and inspiring many more. Happy birthday, dear.

8: Though we are cousins, I consider us friends first. On this big day, may the Lord’s favor and mercy always be with you. Have a birthday that is as beautiful as you are. Your best days are yet to come!

9: Dear cousin, continue growing wiser and richer. All the success you have achieved so far is only a shadow compared to what you are yet to achieve. Happy birthday! Have a good one.

10: Good fortune and amazing blessings are your potions today, and every day for the rest of your life. Set your mind on greater things and you will achieve them. Happy birthday, cousin.

11: I wouldn’t trade our friendship for anything, dear one, not even the most precious stone on the planet. Have a great celebration today! Happy birthday.

12: Happy birthday to such a beautiful soul. I hope your life shines brighter than the candles on your cake and that your smile glows brighter than the sun. Being your friend and your cousin at the same time is the greatest blessing!

13: Best wishes sweet cousin. Keep being the amazing person that you are. Happiest birthday! Can’t wait to give you endless hugs.

14: I couldn’t think of a better person who deserves the best life. I am yet to meet someone as diligent and kind as you. Happy birthday dear one. Though your body is aging, your soul and spirit are just growing younger.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Cousin

Funny Birthday Wishes for Cousin

1: The days of living together and making fun of each other may be long gone, but this friendship will last forever. Happy birthday and best wishes on this special day.

2: Sharing genes with the most annoying person on the planet takes guts and strength. I just dropped by to wish you a blast and a great year ahead. May all your wishes come true.

3: Don’t keep calm because it’s your special day. Eat as much as you want, drink as much as your body can take, and don’t let anything bug you; at least only for today. Grow old and toothless. Happy birthday.

4: You are the craziest and most hilarious friend on the planet. Sometimes, I even forget we are cousins. Smile a little harder today, knowing it’s your day. Happy birthday.

5: After this, you probably have ninety more birthdays to celebrate. Let’s get on with it and skip to the drinking part because it’s your favorite. Your twenties are just beginning, so live right by yourself. Happy birthday

6: Dear cousin, you have another year to make your dreams come true. As you turn a year older, try and minimize the crazy laughter and incredibly weird tight hugs. Happy birthday.

7: Think about this day as a special celebration for you growing younger in reverse. Happy birthday from the most handsome cousin in the world. Note I have said I’m the handsome one. Have a blast today!

8: I wish the National Geographic channel aired animals’ birthdays because yours would have made a great show. A few more years and you’ll be on a senior citizen bus on your way to the home for the aged. Happy birthday, cousin.

9: Let’s get crazy on your special day, let’s make memories and sing the night away. Seeing you grow old is overwhelming for me because it means we are slowly approaching our old age, where we won’t have as much fun. Happy birthday, cousin!

10: Here’s to more birthdays in future, cousin. I’m amazed by how many famous people were born on your birthday. Too bad you’re not one of them. But who knows, maybe you’ll be famous one day!

11: Happy birthday to the cheekiest monkey I know. May you live a healthy life and may your kids never see your true colors. You’ll forever be my favorite cousin.

12: Your humor and sarcastic nature have gotten me through some of my worst days. I could never be grateful enough for that. On this day, the least I could do is wish you a happy birthday and a productive year ahead.

13: Happy birthday to my second-best cousin. Yes, you read that right because I’m the number one best cousin in the world. Before I take any more glory, have yourself a beautiful celebration today.

14: Not everyone is as lucky to have such an amazing cousin. Though we fight and get on each other’s nerves, God knows I would take a bullet for you. Well, not a real-life bullet though. Happy birthday, Queen!

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