Unless you’ve got Dybbuk’s heart, no normal human being ever toys with his friend’s birthday, how much more a best friend’s. A birthday is that official day when we fly and bash, and get to appreciate the gift of our friendship with our friend.

Don’t be comfortable being that friend who comfortably shops for gifts for friends, but sweats on the palm when it comes to writing affectionate birthday wishes for your friend. Look below and get inspired from our bountiful list of birthday wishes for your friend.
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Heart-Warming Happy Birthday Wishes For Friend

1: You are one of the many friends I have who make life worth living. I celebrate you today. Happy birthday!

2: There is something about you that makes me smile whenever your thought flashes across my mind. You are incredibly special. Happy birthday, dear friend.

3: It isn’t of major importance to make a list of all that you mean to me. However, keep it in your heart that I cherish you forever. Happy birthday, mon ami.

4: You are a good person who deserves all the goodness the good world can afford. Happy birthday. Celebrate!

5: Have I ever told you that I love your company? Maybe my heart has informed you about that earlier. On this day, I wish you nothing but fun and more fun. Happy birthday.

Heart-Warming Happy Birthday Wishes For Friend

6: It is your new year, a new day in your eyes, and a wonderful start for a memorable adventure. Live through this year to its end. Happy birthday, dear.

7: Each year, whenever my phone beeps to remind me of your birthday, I bless God for the privilege of meeting you. You’ve been an awesome friend from the beginning. Happy birthday.

8: May God make this new year of yours to shine brighter than the past years. I pray that the good desires of your heart will be met. Happy birthday, dude.

9: It is amazing how the months leapt by like deer! It is the day my day one friend is marking her birthday, and I think I’m the happiest person on earth to celebrate it with her. Happy birthday!

10: Age has got nothing on you. You’re still as fresh and wrinkle-free as you were last year. I envy your beauty, darling. Happy birthday.

11: Happy birthday, amazing one. Look at how far you’ve come, and how much you’ve been able to accomplish with your little number of years. You’re quite the icon to salute. Enjoy your new year.

12: Honestly, you don’t look like what you’ve been through. The way you carry yourself can make people think that you’re just starting life anew. Fortunately, your wealth of knowledge disproves that. I’m proud of you. Happy birthday, dear.

13: I dare to say that you are a rare species of a friend. Your kind is uncommon. I toast to a beautiful life for you today. Happy birthday.

14: I admire your courage and resilience. I believe that you have lots of grounds to gain, and many heights to attain. I can’t wait to see you at the top. Happy birthday.

15: While others were thinking of what life had in store to offer them, you already figured out what you would offer to life. Keep walking in your purpose. Happy birthday, dearest.

16: Little by little, trickles after trickles, your life is adding up to something glorious. Be more! Happy birthday.

17: None of my thoughts for you is small or mediocre; I wish that you grow into an outstanding personality. Happy birthday, my great friend.

18: On this rosy day, I wish that you’ll have a super birthday celebration that can never be compared to any event you’ve observed in your life. Enjoy.

19: Hip! Hip! Hip!! Hurray! My lovely friend is a year older today! Hip! Hip! Hip..!! Hurray!

20: A thousand times cannot measure up to the quality of the one year we’ve spent as friends. I appreciate all you’ve been to me in the past twelve months. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Best Friend

Birthday Wishes For Best Friend

1: We’ve come a long way, and we still have a long time to spend as friends. I’m blessed to have an excellent personality as my best friend. Happy birthday!

2: As you excitedly remember today as your birthday, may all your heartfelt prayers be answered. Happy birthday. I celebrate you, always.

3: I’m glad that I am a part of your life’s smaller and bigger pictures. Thank you for not leaving me behind as you excel in life. Happy birthday, bestie.

4: On your birthday, it is my pleasure to wish you a year of merriment and good success. What more can I ask for my best friend?

5: You only have to say what you want and they will be delivered to your doorstep in no distant time. Happy birthday, cutest.

6: You light up my life in immeasurable ways and encourage me to be the best of me. All the things you do make you my best friend. I pray that you have a positively unforgettable birthday today.

7: Even if you get older with age, our friendship will be as new as spring water. I care a lot about you. Happy birthday, my friend.

8: The amount of joy you’ve brought into my life and those of my family members cannot be described. You’re simply a wonderful being and I’m blessed by our friendship. Happy birthday. We celebrate you.

9: It’s possible to be best friends for a dozen years and yet, going strong. We made it! Today, it is my desire to appreciate all that you’ve done to make it a perfect journey for us.

10: I have waited for this day to come so that I will pour befitting accolades on you as my best friend. You’re extraordinary, pleasant, graceful, and perfect. You’re a goddess in your class. I celebrate you on your birthday today.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Best Friend

11: As much as today is your birthday, let me take this time to say that you’re a blessing to my life. Happy birthday, my treasured friend.

12: I had to leave everything I was doing to put down this message for you. I am indebted to you for making our friendship worth the while. I can’t forget the difficult times we had, and how we are still sailing through all. Happy birthday!

13: Our friendship has lasted for a decade still, it appears as though we became friends five months ago. Let’s pop some good wine to celebrate your day today. Happy birthday to you, precious.

14: It is my pleasure to announce that you are a brave person whose kindness is unrivalled. Therefore, you’re qualified for the Best Friend For All Seasons award. Happy birthday, dear.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Friend

1: If I were you, I would go crazy today and become normal tomorrow. I wish you were never me, anyway. Happy birthday.

2: I want to hear shocking and unbelievable stories about you that will make me deny that you’re my friend. Before that happens, let me wish you a happy birthday.

3: On this great day, I wish you a birthday celebration where your hair will get tangled on a tree branch and your skirt caught on a roof’s shingles. I hope my fantasy becomes fulfilled today.

4: I have a feeling that you’ll eat all the cake before I come over for your birthday party. I won’t be surprised by that because you’re a distant cousin of the Grinch. Happy birthday, anyway.

5: Every day of the year is another day until your birthday when you’ll expect me to lie in a birthday card. Well, I will be truthful today: have an unhappy birthday today. As you can see, it is just another day.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Friend

6: I look forward to eating and drinking on your birthday. Never mind if I forget to ask you how old you’ve turned. Besides, you wouldn’t tell if I asked.

7: I am blessed to have a generous friend like you who doesn’t get angry if there is no birthday gift from me. I’ll forever be thankful to you.

8: Hello dear, I want to wish you a happy birthday. Hope you heard me screaming into this note, loud and clear.

9: May God bless you for turning my birthday party upside down. Karma has remembered you on your birthday today. Expect a mini circus of dancing monkeys at your door anytime soon.

10: Happy birthday, bestie. I’ve been thinking if you can remember how we fought on who’s older between us last year. Well, I still maintain that I’m older than you by minutes!

11: Perhaps, the only wonderful thing about your birthday is the smell of the freshly baked cake in the kitchen. Apart from that, it is just an extraordinary day of much trouble from you.

12: I am enthusiastic to celebrate the birthday of my lovely friend with a pair of sliced bread and a cup of warm tea. Sending my love to you, dearest!

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