If you don’t love your daughter, you probably wouldn’t have been roaming the internet for a fabulous birthday wish for her. Having a daughter is quite an experience on its own, the immiscible blend of joy and heart attack, especially if she has become aware that she’s an adorable angel you can’t do without.

Back to your aim of visiting the internet right now: you won’t be disappointed with the sample messages below, of birthday wishes for your daughter. Have fun. Don’t forget to copy and share!

Birthday Wishes For Your Daughter

1: Happy birthday, my princess. I celebrate your new age today, and look forward to more beautiful years in your life.

2: It is my daughter’s birthday today, and I can’t wait to treat her to a lovely dinner tonight. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

3: It is unbelievable how, just like yesterday, you were a little, bubbly child. Today, you’re celebrating your birthday as a respectable teenager. I’m proud of who you’ve become, sweet daughter. Happy birthday.

4: My dearest girl, it is a thing of joy that I am a part of your life. Not just as your mother, but as your friend. I want you to pursue happiness and peace, and when you get them, never let go. Happy birthday.

5: It isn’t an easy achievement to clock 19 years of age. You’ve grown into a beautiful woman who is set to take the world by a storm. Happy birthday, my angel.

6: Happy birthday, my queen-daughter. You are a special kind, and nothing can change that.

Birthday Wishes For Your Daughter

7: Sweet daughter, happy birthday. May you be much more than you’ve ever thought you would be. I love you.

8: My princess is a year old today, whoa! I can vividly remember your first cries when you hit this world; the moment you nestled on my bosom, I knew I wouldn’t trade you for anything. Happy birthday, my baby.

9: Happy birthday, cutie. It isn’t often that a dad will have a daughter who he relates with as a man to his fellow man. You’re an express gift from God, my dear daughter, and I wish you heaven’s best in this your new year.

10: My beloved daughter, I cherish you, and it is my sincerest desire that you attain greatness, far beyond what I have achieved for myself. Happy birthday.

11: My daughter has clocked 5 today. Happy birthday, little princess. Hip, hip, hip…hurray!

12: I am elated to dance and rock to this day because my gentle daughter has turned a year older today. Your qualities can’t stop amazing me. I’m not afraid for your future, at all. Happy birthday, darling.

13: Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, my delectable daughter, happy birthday to you!!! This year’s birthday party will blow your mind away, I can assure you. Hurry home!

14: Happy birthday, Barbie. I am very grateful to God for granting you the life and health to witness your birthday today. Your best days are here. Live in the moment, sweetheart.

15: Happy birthday, darling daughter. Ever since you came, our lives took a wonderful turn for the best. It’s indescribable how much joy you’ve given us in just 3 years. You’ll live long, baby.

16: Happy birthday, sweet. I am one of the most privileged mothers on earth, to have a doting daughter like you. You’ve made my life easier with your cheerful smiles and positive vibes. I have loved you with an unchanging love.

Heartwarming Birthday Wishes For Your Daughter

Heartwarming Birthday Wishes For Your Daughter

17: I am deeply grateful to God for the precious gift of a daughter to me. You’re my answered prayer, my angel, and I celebrate you on the occasion of your birthday today. Happy birthday!

18: Happy birthday, beautiful. I am a blessed father for having a thoughtful daughter like you. Many more years in sound health.

19: Today is the day that marks a new beginning in my daughter’s life. Though it doesn’t feel like it to you, you’re a blessing to me and your mom. Happy birthday.

20: Happy birthday, big girl. Your life has been full of hi-speed energy which we’ve tasked ourselves to match up with. You’re a rare gem, sincerely.

21: Happy birthday, my one and only daughter. You’re a strong woman, and I know that you’ll be a good steward of the life you lead. Enjoy!

22: Happy birthday, baby girl. I’m happy that you are becoming more of the kind of lady God has destined you to be. May you keep growing, from grace to grace.

23: Finally, the day we’ve all been waiting for has come- our daughter’s birthday. Honey, you’re blessed; let nothing take that knowledge away from you. Shine on, without apologies.

24: Yours has been a tough life. From the incubator to health complications, you fought for life with every fiber of your being. I am overwhelmed with pride celebrating you on your 16th birthday today. Happy birthday, my super daughter.

25: Happy birthday, joyous daughter. You’re a delight to behold, and I love you despite our heated disagreements. You bring immense joy and liveliness to our home.

26: Foods to eat, drinks to down, music to rock…I can’t wait to have the time of my life today. Happy birthday, queen. I celebrate you.

27: Happy 18th birthday, my pretty daughter. You deserve only the good things of life; I am sure they will come to you, effortlessly.

Birthday Prayers Wishes For Daughter

Birthday Prayers Wishes For Daughter

28: Happy birthday, sweetheart. May you be the head, and not the tail in all you do. You will prosper beyond measures, my daughter.

29: Happy 30th birthday, my charming daughter. I pray that in this your new year, you shall not stumble on your journey toward great achievements. May you have reasons to smile everyday.

30: As the rain falls to make the soil ready to receive seeds, may good health and sound mind be made in abundance to you in this new year, so that you’ll achieve all that your heart desires. Happy birthday, my dearest daughter.

31: My daughter, you are a divine project in God’s hand. I pray that your new year that began today, shall reveal a part of you which will thrill many. Happy birthday!

32: Happy birthday, love. I can never stop praying that you succeed in your field of endeavor. Where others go and fail, you’ll go there to become a distinguished woman of excellence.

33: I am convinced that you will not be a laughing stock to your enemies. Instead of shame, you will make yourself proud. Instead of disgrace, your life shall attract unprecedented favor to everyone associated with you. Happy birthday, lovely daughter.

34: I watched you take your first steps as a baby, and it was a beauty to behold. Today, as I watch you take your first steps into adolescence, may your life shine more beautifully than when you were a baby. Happy birthday, daughter.

35: Happy birthday, empress. On this day, I bless you with the blessings of long life, good health, prosperity, and peace. May you have no reason to regret any decision you make in this new year of yours.

36: Happy birthday, cute girl. When others are doing marvellously well in their areas of calling, may you soar above your contemporaries.

37: I am profoundly amazed at your rate of growth. It is of a great benefit to you, and never a curse. You shall be the top dog, never an underdog. Your life is beautiful, sweetheart. Happy birthday.

38: Happy birthday, Amazon. Flourish, and live your life in your own terms. I love you with all of my heart.

39: Happy 15th birthday, daughter. You’re unique in every sense of the word. I pray that societal pressure will never tamper with your uniqueness. Keep the fire burning!

40: Happy birthday, my awesome daughter. You’ll live to fulfil destiny. You’re a fruitful vine; you will never be barren. Anyone who encounters you is automatically blessed.

41: Happy 10th birthday, my formidable baby girl. You are victorious in all you do. May angels keep guard over you in all your ways. Most importantly, may you never fail God.

Funny Birthday Wishes For Daughter

Funny Birthday Wishes For Daughter

42: Happy birthday, sweetheart. Don’t be in a hurry to request for a gift; that of last year hasn’t even be used yet.

43: Happy birthday, the chief custodian of my jewellery. I wish you long life, good health, and a good job before your next birthday. Momma really needs to be spoiled.

44: Happy birthday, dear daughter. You’ve become older and wiser today. I do hope you won’t start questioning the relevance of the house rules, too.

45: Happy birthday, daddy’s number one fan. Enjoy your new year. Do get ready to fall in love with your future husband. Daddy ain’t yours!

46: Sugar, I want to wish you a sweet birthday today. May all your good heart desires be answered, except that which involves clubbing and alcohols.

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