Baby has popped into the wide world not too long ago, and in the midst of attending to your cutie, it struck you that you are yet to let the people of the world know about the fruit of your labor room conquest. Now you are set to announce your baby’s birth to all and sundry, here are birth announcement wordings we’ve lovingly crafted for your use. Feel free to copy and share.

Birth Announcement Wordings

1: Proudly a first-time mom!

2: Finally, my baby has arrived.

3: Rejoice with my family on the early Christmas gift we’ve received today. It is a baby boy!

4: She’s my answered prayer!

5: My joy is full for my sweet angel has arrived today, hale and kicking.

6: Her father’s daughter is here.

7: My little one has stepped into this world.

8: We’ve been blessed with a set of twins.

9: Our lives have taken a turn for the best with the arrival of our baby.

10: Thank you Lord, for the safe delivery of my baby boy.

11: My family has become blessed with a little new member.

12: My wife is now a mom.

13: My husband and I welcomed our princess last night.

14: Life has suddenly become more meaningful with the birth of our baby boy.

15: I have many reasons to be grateful to God. First off, my baby arrived safely with no complications. I have attained the status of a father.

16: I and my husband welcome our bundle of joy who arrived two weeks ago.

17: It’s a beautiful boy; celebrate with us.

18: It’s a lovely girl!

Clever Birth Announcement Wordings

Clever Birth Announcement Wordings

19: We prayed for a child, and we were answered with a triple portion blessing. Celebrate with us as we welcome our triplets into the world.

20: Happiness is hearing you coo. Beautiful is the melody of your cries for attention. You’ve made me wish there’s no end to your giggles and kicking. I love you, angel.

21: In the midst of the fierce challenges and battles, you showed up as a much needed comfort to me and your daddy. Welcome, little darling.

22: Exceptionally beautiful is she. Gloriously soft, she’s the pride of her older siblings. She finally made her way into my loving arms three days ago, from the dark room of my womb.

23: With thunderous welcome, we your parents, usher you into our world. We have prepared all that we can to make your life an adventurous one!

24: You called, I answered. You waved, I returned it with kisses. My heart has become broken with endless bouts of joy; your coming has now made me a second time mom.

25: My precious baby, you are my dream come true. You make everything alright with your toothless grin, and I couldn’t have asked for more.

26: She’s my bundle of incredible joy, the heart of my existence, and the soul of my family.

27: I have every reason to jump to the moon and sail back because I have been gifted with the tiniest sweetheart I have ever set my eyes on.

28: He makes my night worth it with his desire for warmth and food. His arrival has made my life a complete one.

29: Thankful are we, to be called parents. Excited are we, to be chosen for this honor. It isn’t our right, so we cannot take it for granted.

30: I am hopeful that the world will see through our eyes what a delectable beauty you are. There is no way I can properly express my awe of you than to say that I have been blessed with the fairest of all babies.

31: She walked into our home last night with her tender and majestic feet.

32: Grasp my finger with five of yours and never let go. Make your home on my breasts and never cry for food. Take little steps of grace and never forget that I am always behind you every step of the way.

33: For everything wonderful your birth has brought into our lives, for the goodness of your safe arrival, we want to say thank you, and may your stay in our family remain a source of joy to us all.

Baby Girl Announcement Wordings

Baby Girl Announcement Wordings

34: I am beside myself in excitement to announce that my baby girl has arrived safely and soundly.

35: My giant princess has decided to break into our world with an exceptional air of grace and body size.

36: She’s just an amazing baby.

37: As soon as she broke into her first anxious wails, I knew that my baby will never walk this world alone. She’s mine, she’s ours.

38: She came at the time she did to be the consolation my spirit craved for.

39: A lovely bow on your hair. Sweet smelling flowers on your cradle. Soulful lullabies for you. My angelic princess is here.

40: Life has suddenly taken on a fresh bloom with the arrival of my baby girl.

41: We are most excited to announce that we are welcoming a girl.

42: The love of her mother, the pleasantness of her father. She has finally arrived.

43: My hope is built in your large eyes. When your lips curl in a soft smile, I am reminded that I have been blessed with an affectionate soul. Welcome, princess.

44: Blissful moments are here with my family with the arrival of our cute baby girl.

Baby Boy Announcement Wordings

Baby Boy Announcement Wordings

45: It’s a bouncing baby boy!

46: He arrived some hours ago without ruffling his dear mother as the sweet little gentleman he is.

47: I am delighted to announce to the world that my husband and I have welcomed a baby boy.

48: It is surreal to hold you in my arms with your innocent gaze permanently etched on my face. You are a handsome boy, and I make it known to the world today that you are my blessing from above.

49: Created in perfection is my little boy. Built with the sweetest of skin and softest of eyes is my baby boy. All hail the arrival of my bundle of joy.

50: I have no doubt you will sweep me off my feet on a daily basis with your disarming smiles. You are a charming little boy!

51: With the host of heaven, my family welcome the birth of our baby boy who was born a couple of hours ago.

52: My wife and I have been blessed with a strong little boy.

53: It is a huge thing to thank God for that at the right time, our baby boy made his way into the world within the shortest period of labor.

54: It is a great privilege to be blessed with a healthy boy in my first outing as a mother. Rejoice with me, friends and family.

Twin Birth Announcements Wordings

Twin Birth Announcements Wordings
Boy and a girl baby twins baby shower concept

55: Double portion honor is what my husband and I have received. Join us to welcome the arrival of our twin babies.

56: We lack the right words to express our heartfelt joy on the birth of our identical twin boys. Celebrate with us, folks.

57: Twin babies hold an appeal that is simply irresistible. My family is proud to announce that we have been blessed with twin baby girls.

58: When we had in mind that we were expecting a baby, we discovered that we are actually having twins. Merry with us as we welcome the safe arrival of our twin babies.

59: Our family has grown with the arrival of our twin girls.

60: We are happy to announce that we have welcomed a set of beautiful twins, a boy and a girl.

61: Our hope was not dashed as we welcome the world’s most lovable fraternal twins.

62: The love we have received in our family is incomparable to the joy we feel on the successful arrival of our angelic twin babies.

63: My wife and I welcome our golden twin babies.

64: It is a marvellous time to announce the birth of my twin babies. They are both hale and hearty.

Funny Birth Announcement Wordings

Funny Birth Announcement Wordings

65: We are now three, 2 males and 1 mom.

66: My husband and I were prepared to receive twin babies. It has dawned on us that they were accompanied by another who wanted to surprise the wits out of his parents.

67: Birthing experience is both awesome and painful. It is awesome that we have welcomed a baby boy, and painful that we had shopped for baby girl’s wears.

68: Rejoice with us for God chose us to be parents of an amazing girl who bears the same resemblance with her mother’s brother.

69: My husband and I are pleased to announce the arrival of our cute baby boy. He’s the sixth boy so far.

70: I am happy to welcome a baby girl who is many times more troublesome than his brothers when they were her age.

71: She waltzed in at the most unexpected time, dragging along with her an unexpected amount of joy!

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