Is there any end to questions between best friends? Hell, no! As long as the friendship exists and continues, you nor your best friend aren’t going to run out of the need to know more about or keep track of each other through a series of questions. With the best friend tag questions we have for you today, you will definitely have lots of reasons to enjoy memorable moments with your bestie. Have fun reading.

Best Friends Tag Questions

1: Have you ever rescued an animal?

2: How long have you had to wait for food at home?

3: What is the name of your first crush?

4: Who is your childhood best friend?

5: What event in recent times is quite significant to you?

6: How have you been able to adjust to a new environment?

7: Who is the smartest among your siblings?

8: How old is your father?

9: Where will you like to go for your honeymoon?

10: Who is your favorite teen popstar?

11: Have you ever been in a love triangle?

12: What is your birthstone?

13: What’s your go-to place for your leisure?

14: Who has your highest respect in the movie industry?

15: What genre of music can you vibe to anytime, anywhere?

16: How tall are you?

17: Who is the fattest person in your family?

18: Have you ever been treated for an eating disorder?

19: What made you choose to live in the town where you are?

20: How far can you go to avenge your friend’s case?

21: Do you eat pizza on Sundays?

22: What is the name of your first cat?

23: Between natural products and their chemical counterpart, which will you buy for your haircare regimen?

24: How often do you visit a spa center?

25: Can you swim?

26: Can you dance in a public place?

27: How good are you with calculations?

28: Have you been able to save up to $10,000 in a year?

29: Who do you trust the most?

30: How many times do you eat in a day?

Deep Best Friend Tag Questions

Deep Best Friend Tag Questions

31: How many shoes do you own?

32: Which is worse: physical abuse or emotional abuse?

33: What’s your best food?

34: Which language do you enjoy speaking?

35: How often do you visit orphanages?

36: Do you take vitamin supplements?

37: What is your ideal Saturday like?

38: Who is your role model in the academic world?

39: French cuisine or Chinese cuisine?

40: How much can you owe someone and not be able to repay?

41: What is your most sought after profession?

42: Which year were you happiest in life?

43: What does a birthday mean to you?

44: How religious are you?

45: If you hear that a dear one has passed on, what will be your first reaction?

46: Which nonfiction book do you love reading?

47: Have you ever written a poem for your significant other?

48: Do you keep a diary?

49: What effect can a lie from me have on you?

50: What is the worst thing that you can ever do to someone?

51: What kind of phone did you use two years ago?

52: Have you ever been kidnapped?

53: What was the outcome of your verbal attack on a bully, if ever?

54: What’s your best color for an evening wear?

55: How good are you in public speaking?

56: What can make you decide on doing what you had vehemently refused to be involved in at first?

57: How truthful are you?

58: Do you practice singing in your bathroom?

59: Do you think men should exfoliate their skin?

60: What is a typical happy day for you?

Hard Best Friend Tag Questions

Hard Best Friend Tag Questions

61: How old were you when you started noticing pubertal bodily changes on you?

62: What will you be the first project you will undertake within 100 days if you’re given a political office?

63: Do you prefer bananas to cranberries?

64: How many gallons of water do you take in a day?

65: What attribute attracts you to a person on your first meeting with them?

66: How many years will it take you to become a millionaire?

67: What is the only regret you have in life?

68: Do you think that education can change the government of a country?

69: How many global millionaires do you know by name?

70: Which exercise routine works best in strengthening your body core and enhancing your shape?

71: Have you ever offered a freelance service for a business?

72: When was the first time you spoke on a podium?

73: How well do you relate with your mom?

74: Have you ever fostered an animal?

75: Which season of the year is your best?

76: Which season of the year is your worst?

77: Coffee or tea?

78: Vegetable salad or fruit salad?

79: Banana smoothie or tomato smoothie?

80: Which color is your bedroom painted with?

81: Which variety of chocolate do you enjoy eating?

82: How many times do you bathe daily?

83: Do you use a towel for your skin after a shower?

84: How often do you shampoo your hair?

85: Toasted bread or poached egg?

86: Which of your birthday celebrations is termed nightmarish?

87: Have you had a professional take a photoshoot of you?

88: How fast are you when counting money notes with your fingers?

89: Ever been cheated on in a relationship?

90: If it starts raining heavily, what will you do at home to while away the time till it stops?

91: How much can you spend on groceries at a go?

92: Can you describe yourself in five words?

93: By what time do you take your dinner?

94: What kind of vegetables do you enjoy eating?

95: Would you rather buy costly but durable footwear that will go missing within months or cheap ones that will last for years?

96: Did you climb trees as a child?

97: How much extra time on the average, can you afford to wait for a late comer?

98: When is your father’s birthday?

99: Ever gotten a job via LinkedIn?

100: When did you become serious with the pursuit of your life pursuit?

101: When was the last time you went for an STD test?

102: Have you ever undergone a surgical operation?

103: What’s your typical morning routine?

104: Is your navel pierced?

105: Which musical instrument can you play effortlessly?

106: Which extreme sport have you been engaged in more than twice?

107: Yogurt or ice-cream?

108: Rate your handwriting on the scale of 1 to 10.

109: What’s your own love language?

110: Have you been infatuated with someone?

111: Do you like flowers?

112: Can you paint well?

113: Have you tried a keto diet?

114: How do you deal with conflicts in your workplace when they arise?

Dirty Best Friend Tag Questions

Dirty Best Friend Tag Questions

115: How many new underwears do you own?

116: How old were you when you had your first kiss?

117: Have you had sex on the rooftop of a house?

118: When was the last time you made out with a stranger?

119: Ever had a crush on a married man/woman?

120: What’s your craziest sexual position?

121: What turns you on in a man/woman?

122: Are you good in giving a handjob?

123: Between a pornstar and an escort, which will you readily be?

124: Do you tell your boyfriend/girlfriend when you are horny?

125: Ever had sex for a favor?

126: What’s the longest (in minutes) that you’ve been kissed on the lips?

127: When offered, can you walk into the streets naked from head to toes, for a million bucks?

128: How does cum taste?

129: Which song makes lovemaking right to you?

130: Ever had an anal?

131: What does it feel like to be sucked down there?

132: How good was your ex in bed?

Funny Best Friend Tag Questions

Funny Best Friend Tag Questions

133: Are you afraid or happy whenever you visit the hospital?

134: What did you do when you caught your parents lying to your hearing for the first time?

135: Which animal would you rather be?

136: Have you ever fantasised on eloping with your crush someday?

137: What will you do if you were caught shoplifting liquor?

138: Can you tell me your blotched sunless tanning experience?

139: Have you ever said an embarrassing thing that got people laughing unexpectedly?

140: How long is your pubic hair?

141: What will be the first word out of your mouth when you come in contact with a lion, face to face?

142: Has ignorance on a matter made you appear foolish before people?

143: Who taught you how to woo a woman?

144: At what age did you stop throwing tantrums?

145: Which book have you read and came out more clueless than you were before opening it?

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