Pregnancy is entirely an adventure in its class. It is that period in a woman’s life when she realizes that life is really filled with ups and downs – the ups of baby’s joyful kicking, and the downs of mood swings and cravings. So, in order to celebrate the pregnancy nearing its end as the baby prepares itself to be pushed into the world, a baby shower is desperately called for.

In addition to the overwhelming gifts, good food, belly dances and cheers, wow the expectant mother with any of these incredible baby shower wishes below. You may never know how important it is to her until she kisses you on both sides of the cheek, and your lips. Blame it on pregnancy!

Baby Shower Wishes

1: It is a great privilege to enjoy a smooth pregnancy. I can’t wait to behold and share in the joy of having your baby.

2: Congratulations in anticipation of the arrival of your cute angel.

3: Laugh a lot. Joke a lot. And don’t forget to be thankful. I wish you a successful birthing experience.

4: This is me, wishing my bosom friend a safe delivery of her baby.

5: I am all ears to hear the sound of your new-born’s cry. I am positive that will happen soonest.

Baby Shower Wishes

6: The Lord, who has started this great work in your life, shall see you to its ending. I wish you a blissful pregnancy.

7: I pray that you will deliver your baby safely, without any form of complications.

8: You are a wonderful woman. I am pretty sure that you will be an awesome mother to your baby who is on its way into your arms.

9: It is with uncontainable joy that I wish you a smooth child delivery. You’ll have every cause to wonder how it was that easy for you.

10: I wish you a blissful parenting. In your own case, your baby shall be a blessing, and not a curse to you and your family.

11: Your baby’s arrival is just at the corner. I know you are a strong woman; the labor process shall be a walk over to you.

12: Just as pregnancy is a gift from above likewise, the arrival of your baby will be a gift no man will be able to give you. You are blessed!

13: From the depth of my heart, I wish you a glorious end of pregnancy and a beautiful beginning of parenthood.

14: You don’t have to worry how well you’ll do in the art of child upbringing because God will grant you the uncommon wisdom to train your baby without stress.

15: I have unashamedly admired your lovely baby bump, the reason I am in a hurry to see the sweet human whose body formed that swelling.

16: I wish you an awesome delivery of your child when the time comes. I am always available whenever you need me.

17: It was your pregnancy period that I understood the full meaning of grace. From my own assessment, you are one of the few women that look breathtakingly beautiful during pregnancy. I pray you don’t lose it after childbirth.

Baby Shower Wishes and Messages

Baby Shower Wishes and Messages

18: It is my heart desire that you enjoy the best of labor experience when the time comes.

19: The sweetest part of pregnancy and childbirth is holding your baby, who you’ve longed and prayed for. I pray for you, that such will be your testimony.

20: You may not have need of clothes, footwear or food for your baby who will soon arrive. But you do need the strength of heart, and a lively spirit to pull through. May you enjoy strength and a lively spirit.

21: It is just a matter of days before we visit again, not just you and your husband, but also your cute baby. It is my earnest desire to rejoice with you on your baby’s arrival.

22: The joys of motherhood are not without the presence of a child. I wish you an uncomplicated delivery of your baby.

23: I am glad to see you happy and in good spirits. You will have no cause to be sad during your child birthing process. It will be quick and smooth, to your utter amazement.

24: It will not be surprising that you’ve heard about ugly childbirth experiences. However, my strong wish for you is that nothing bad- imagined or heard, will befall you in your own case. Your baby’s delivery shall end in praise.

25: You and your husband are beautiful souls. You will make parenthood an enviable journey to partake in.

26: There’s no better word to describe pregnancy other than “phenomenal”. At the end of it all, I wish you the safest arrival of your baby.

27: You are already prepared, just as your little one is preparing to pop into the world. May it be all joy for you when you finally meet him.

28: Just as the rains fall to make the dream of a farmer come true, the baby shower holding today in the honor of your baby shall usher in your dream of seeing your dear one alive and healthy.

29: It is the heart cry of every well-meaning family to receive their newly born child. May your hopes and aspirations never be dashed.

30: It is very important that you get yourselves ready for the fun of catering for your bundle of joy. It is truly a joyful task. I wish you heavens best in rearing up your child.

31: You and your kind husband are blessed to journey through pregnancy together, down to its ending. May your patience and waiting pay off as your baby is delivered with no hassles.

32: I thank God for the way He led you to this point, where your dream of becoming a mother is about to be made true. I wish you a successful delivery.

33: My hugs and kisses are for you and your powerful baby who we are all expecting. I wish you a smooth birthing moment.

34: Be strong. Take courage in the knowledge that I am by your side, and will never stop praying for you. You will carry your baby in your arms, with the both of you alive and bouncing in health.

Funny Baby Shower Wishes

Funny Baby Shower Wishes

35: Very soon, you will no more be called an expectant mother because your baby is officially permitted to start heading out into the world of men. Congratulations in advance, for becoming a nursing mom.

36: You, and your craving for cake! I do hope that you won’t carry a piece into the labor room. That will piss the midwives off really bad. Also, I don’t think you will want your baby nibbling on cake as he cruises out.

37: You are looking all glamorous and excited today. I’m sure you will be almost unrecognizable when your baby begins to aggressively push itself out of your womb. Well, let me wish you safe delivery with a happy face.

38: I am joyous in my wait for the grand arrival of your baby. It will actually be a celebration where we will eat and drink to our fill while the poor lad sucks boring breasts as he looks on. Such is life!

39: There is no comprehensive, tailor-made handbook on parenting in the market. Therefore, you’ll have to learn as you practice on your little darling. I wish you all the best as student parents.

40: Don’t be wound up in disciplining your child that you forget to laugh at your mistake and his. Parenthood is actually fun to do.

41: Sleep all you can now. Enjoy each other’s company as much as you can before your baby steps into your lives. I need not tell you that that little thing is an obsessed attention seeker. Congrats in advance, on her arrival.

42: Contrary to popular saying, parenting isn’t scary. Rather, it is the scariest of everything scary. Don’t be afraid though. Your baby will grow fast.

43: Every moment of your life as a mother should be documented in a video. That will afford you the opportunity to remember the days you chased your child around the house with nothing but dishevelled hair.

44: I am eager to meet your baby because I have one or two questions to ask him. I think I should start with, “What gave you the impetus to kick your mother on the belly?”

45: To the soon-to-be parents, may stress and hard work in training your child never give you premature wrinkles. You’ll have to take everything easy because you’re in no competition with any family.

46: I wish above all things, that you will reserve the cakes and drinks we had today so that we will have something to eat on that day after congratulating you on the arrival of your baby.

47: Bear in mind that boys are different than girls so, you will have to prepare yourself for surprises in their raising. Please, don’t forget to lock your door behind when you feel the urge to cry as a parent.

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