When the sun sets, the body, in its response, gets ready for some night sleep. Bedtime prayers are a nighttime routine for any person who believes in the powerful ability of his Creator to keep him safe as he sleeps. In addition to being a means of communication to one’s Maker, bedtime prayers bring calm to the spirit and reassure one of a goodnight rest. Below are heartwarming bedtime prayers you can use tonight:

Bedtime Prayers In The Bible

1: Lord, I come to You with a joyful heart, just as a child to his loving father. I thank You for a day well spent. I also thank You for saving me from the disasters of today. As I prepare to sleep, may Your love protect and shield me. Hide me from evil, so that when I wake up in the morning, I will be bold to shout, “How great is my Lord!” (Psalms 40:16)

2: My God, I glorify Your name for Your abundant mercies to me. Words do little to extol Your majesty; that is why I always bow in worship to You. I commit my life into Your able hands as I sleep tonight. Let my youth be renewed and my body stronger with this sleep, to the glory of Your holy name. Amen. (Psalms 103:5)

3: Assuredly, when I call upon Your great name, You will answer me, Lord. Your promise to me is that You will make me succeed in all I do. So, tonight, I pray that my sleep be a successful one. Fill this room with Your presence, and may Your light scatter the evil plots of darkness on my path. Amen. (Job 22:27-28)

4: My Father, I entreat You tonight, to be with me and protect me from the machinations of the wicked that might cause me pain. May Your favor remain with me as I sleep. And when I wake up, I will meet a day full of Your blessings. Amen. (Numbers 14:28)

5: My King, I approach Your throne of grace tonight with praises and thanksgiving for all You have done for me. Surely, Your glory will rest on me as I lie down to sleep. Even in my sleep, my spirit will proclaim Your praise because You have delivered me from every fear. Amen. (Psalms 34:1-5)

6: Dear Jesus, You urge us to ask and we shall receive. When we seek for Your protection, we will receive it. And when we knock on the door of Your mercy, You will quickly open an overflow of it unto us. Answer us tonight as we ask; make Your protection Your banner over us, and may Your abundant mercy be our lot. Amen. (Matthew 7:7)

7: Father, it is in Your covenant with me, that You will rise up against whoever that attacks or fights against me. Therefore, may You put to shame tonight every enemy of my life and household. Let their evil plans against me be rendered useless and powerless. In Jesus’ Name. Amen. (Isaiah 54:15)

8: Jehovah, You reign in righteousness and justice; even the clouds and darkness encircle You. Rest with me in Your majesty as I sleep tonight. I want to feel Your glory as I close my eyes in sleep. Amen. (Psalms 97:2)

Bedtime Prayers For Protection

Bedtime Prayers For Protection

1: In Jesus’ powerful name, I decree that my family members and I are protected as we sleep tonight. The angels of the living God are surrounding us at this moment to ward off every unclean spirit from our bed sides. Amen.

2: Lord, as I sleep tonight, every appointment that has been scheduled to bring me affliction has been cancelled in Your name. I shall sleep and wake up healthy and sound. Amen.

3: Abba Father, I feel it within me, that if I hand over my life to You, You’ll take care of me. So, I do that tonight. Keep me in Your tender mercies as I sleep. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

4: In Jesus’ name, I call forth the Lord’s protection upon me as I sleep tonight. My sleep shall be sweet and full of rest.

5: I release the Lord’s arrows of judgement to any power that will stand in the way of my good night sleep. I declare that I will wake up to see the breaking of another day in my life. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

6: Father, in Your power, I take authority over every spirit of fear and restlessness that haunt the night. May I remain protected as I cleave to You. Amen.

7: With my mouth, I proclaim that tonight is safe and beautiful. Therefore, I will enjoy my sleep without fear of the terror by night or of the wickedness wrought in darkness. Amen.

8: My God, humbly I come before You for Your protection as I sleep tonight. Take me on Your wings of safety as I journey into the dreamland. Amen.

9: Lord, without Your presence, tonight will be doomed. I request that Your presence saturate this environment that I may sleep and wake up unscathed. Amen.

10: Hallowed be Your name, Jesus, for a successful day. As I retire to bed, may Your protection be my portion. Guide my spirit as I sleep, and at the appointed time, may I rise up to a beautiful morning. Amen.

11: Lord, I am glad that I belong to You; that is where my confidence lies. Another night has come, and I am assured that it will be a smooth one because You’ve always been protecting me. Thank You for answered prayers. Amen.

12: Father, be glorified for Your tender mercies in my life. I thank You in advance, for the beautiful sleep which You’ll grant me tonight. It will be devoid of any human or spiritual attack on me. Amen.

13: My Heavenly Father, I honor You tonight for Your unfailing love. As I prepare to sleep, may Your angels guard the four corners of my bed. I believe my safety and protection are guaranteed tonight. And when I wake up, I will bless You for Your faithfulness.

Bedtime Prayers For Child

Bedtime Prayers For Child

1: Sweet Jesus, I request for Your soothing presence as I lie down on my bed to sleep. You are my everything, and I am sure that I will wake up to see You gazing lovingly at me. Amen.

2: I pray, my guardian angels, that You keep me safe tonight even as sleep comes to me. Fill my room with the light of Your powerful presence to pursue away every darkness. Amen.

3: Father, I am your little child who You delight in. Take me by Your hand, and lead me through the winding paths of the dreamland. And when I am fully rested, bring my spirit back to my body. Amen.

4: My trust is in You, Jesus, for You are my friend. As I sleep, be with me. Comfort me with Your tender whispers of love in my ears. May my sleep tonight be filled with heavenly dreams. Amen.

5: Lord, come and lie down with me on my bed for I am ready to sleep. With you, I won’t feel lonely or abandoned. Grant my heart desire quickly. Amen.

6: I have confidence in You, loving Father, because my parents tell me that You are faithful. I kneel before You in humility to ask that You show me Your faithfulness tonight as I sleep. Do that by sending Your angels to our house so that they will keep my parents and I safe as we sleep this night. I know you’ve answered me because You nothing is impossible for You to do. Amen.

Bedtime Prayers For Couples

Bedtime Prayers For Couples

1: Thank You, Jesus, for Your love which brought us together as one. Tonight, may Your banner over us as we sleep be Your love. Guide us in our individual dreamland, and at the scheduled time, may we wake up to see each other refreshed. Amen.

2: You are exalted forever in our lives, O! Lord. As man and wife, we agree that tonight, we will sleep soundly and wake up healthy. No evil shall befall us in our sleep because your angels are already on guard over us. Amen.

3: Jehovah, You are with us even now as we prepare to turn in to our bed. Therefore, our protection throughout our sleep duration is assured. We will not lose anyone of us to death tonight. Thank You because we shall enjoy each other’s company tonight. Amen.

4: Father, You are worthy to receive all the adoration we ascribe to Your name. As the day has come to an end, may You grant our bodies a restful sleep. Also, be with us every step of the way as our spirits roam in the dream. Thank you for we know our prayer has been answered. Amen.

5: Thank You, Jesus, for the success of today, and for bringing us safely home to each other. Abide with us as we sleep tonight, and may we wake up happy that You’re with us. Amen.

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