Being 18 is the beginning of adulthood in many countries of the world. While there are very slim chances for it to be on the national news, it is worth the while to celebrate with a friend or family member who has attained the age of 18 with thoughtful birthday wishes, at least.

We have below lovely happy 18th birthday wishes which are sure to make the celebrant whimper in joy. So, come along with us!

Happy 18th Birthday Wishes

Happy 18th Birthday Wishes

1: Happy 18th birthday, dear. Not only are you no more a kid, but you have grown in wisdom and strength. May your birthday today bring you much joy and happiness all the days of your life.

2: A lot of things might change about the choices you would make from now henceforth, but be sure never to change the wonderful person you are. Happy 18th birthday.

3: I wished there are better ways to say that I am overwhelmingly happy for you today. However, I will have to express my delight by wishing you a super birthday celebration today as you clock 18. Happy, happy 18th birthday!!

4: One of the prayers that stuck in my head for you is this: live long, be in harmony with yourself and others, and may you enjoy the blessings of living in the present. Happy birthday, kiddo.

5: Happy 18th birthday. Don’t ever think that you are alone in your journey to adulthood. Right beside you is my unflinching support and presence whenever you need a guide.

6: Happy 18th birthday, dearest. Be assured that the world is waiting for the manifestation of your God-given glory as an adult. You can’t afford to be in the hiding because a lot is at stake.

7: I have always known you as a determined person who doesn’t let negativity get any better of him. I only wish that you remain that way and more as you become 18 today. Happy birthday!

8: Happy 18th birthday. I am pleased to be a part of the great celebration of your new age. Be fruitful. Be more.

Funny Happy 18th Birthday Wishes

Funny Happy 18th Birthday Wishes

9: Hey yo! Seems you’re pretty much in a hurry to start doing adult stuff. Slow down, boo, because it’s not all fun as you think. All the same, happy 18th birthday.

10: Happy 18th birthday, sweetheart. I hope you are prepared to take up some adult responsibilities such as paying your bills and making sure you don’t run into legal debts. I wish you luck!

11: There are many tales surrounding 18-year-olds. The most popular among them is that they often walk around with their shoulders high, claiming to be grownups while still living in their parents’ home. Hope you won’t reject my birthday wishes after reading this.

12: It is an incredible honor to be 18 years old. After all, you are now qualified to stand before a judge and get sentenced to a life in prison, which wasn’t possible for you years ago. Happy 18th birthday, mate.

13: Today, I wish you a merry birthday filled with love and God’s blessings. Wait; it’s your 18th birthday, right? Man, you’re in trouble!

14: I have no doubt that you’ll have fun today as you walk into your 18th year in life. So far, how has the adventure been?

15: Happy 18th birthday, friend. Be happy, free, loving, and responsible. That’s what being 18 stands for.

16: Happy 18th birthday to you, cute one. You have a loving heart, and I pray that it remains so. Don’t ever believe anyone who tells you that you need to have the heart of a monster to be taken seriously. I’ve been there; not nice!

17: Happy birthday. As you take solid steps into your 18th year on earth, may you never forget that it isn’t the end of the world. Don’t let it get into your head. Thank you.

18: The beautiful things of life are as simple as popping a ripe strawberry into your mouth hurriedly. May you never get choked when you do that. Happy 18th birthday.

19: Little is known of the beginning of adulthood. But one thing is certain: 18 is where it all starts! Happy 18th birthday. Welcome to the club.

Happy 18th Birthday Wishes For Daughter

Happy 18th Birthday Wishes For Daughter

20: Happy 18th birthday, my dearest daughter. Seeing you grow into a strong and beautiful woman is an indication that life has been fair to me. I wish you only the best of life.

21: Life’s good blessings include being able to celebrate the birthday of one’s daughter. I’m indeed blessed to rejoice with you today as you turn 18. Happy 18th birthday, angel.

22: Feels like yesterday, when I carried you in my arms and lulled you to sleep countless times. You’re 18 today, and I pray that you become much more of a blessing to yourself and to everyone around you. Happy birthday!

23: I wish you roses and daisies. I wish you beauty and love. I wish you peace and gratitude. I wish you contentment and joy. I wish you a lovely 18th birthday, daddy’s pride.

24: The world we live in is full of wonders and mysteries. In this 18th year of your existence on earth, I want you to radiate wonders like never has been. Be the best of your kind for you’ll always have my approval. Happy birthday, girl.

25: Happiness is free, baby girl. You can have as much as you desire if you realize on time that it’s free. Have an amazing, happiness-orchestrated 18th birthday.

26: Happy 18th birthday to my first daughter and womb opener. On this day of grace, I wish you many more years of joy and peace.

27: It is a great privilege to be able to celebrate the birthday of an amazing young woman who happens to be my daughter. I can only wish you God’s blessings of protection, provision, and preservation. Happy 18th birthday. Yay!!

28: Happy birthday, my precious daughter. As you mark your 18th, bear in mind that you are much more than who you think you are, and nothing can take that away from you. Enjoy!

29: Happy 18th birthday. I want to bless God for this awesome opportunity to witness my daughter’s legal step into adulthood. You’ve always carried yourself responsibly but in the eyes of this law, I’m meant to remind you that you should be responsible, going forward.

30: Happy are the parents whose energetic daughter clocks 18, for they shall not worry about the outcome of her adult life. You make us proud, honey. Happy 18th birthday.

31: If there’s anything I will wish for you, it is that you savor every moment of your new year. You only become 18 but once. Happy 18th birthday, pretty.

Happy 18th Birthday Wishes For Son

18th Birthday Wishes For Son

32: Happy 18th birthday, big guy. I am delighted to wish you a fabulous birthday celebration and a memorable new year in your life. Keep shining!

33: I am one of the happiest persons on earth to partake in my dear son’s 18th birthday today. With joy in my heart, I wish you favor before God and humans. Have fun.

34: Honestly, I wasn’t prepared for this milestone you’ve attained in your age. I wish being 18 doesn’t make you grow old overnight. Happy 18th birthday, son.

35: Caring hearts like yours deserve the best birthday wishes to rock their day. As you turn 18 years, it is my heartfelt wish that you be the recipient of a long and fulfilling life. May success meet you at every corner of your life. Happy birthday, son.

36: Happy birthday, son. You make clocking 18 look easy with your gentle smiles and positive spirit. May you never lose sight of your destiny and purpose in life.

37: Thank you for never failing to love me unconditionally. If there are many like you in this world, how wonderful a place it will be! Happy 18th birthday, dear son.

38: Happy birthday, son. I am in no doubt that you will make a fine young man who is an embodiment of character and resilience. I wish you a fantastic 18th birthday celebration.

39: Truth is, you are everything I desire in a son. Becoming 18 is a reassurance that you were born to live and make waves. May the fire of your love never be quenched by any filth or ugliness as you journey through life. Happy birthday.

40: Happy 18th birthday, my prince. I encourage you to take your world by a storm: you are the only one of your kind. I can’t wait to hear marvellous stories about you.

41: Happy birthday, son. I have watched you grow without a care about people’s opinions of you. As you become 18 today, may your radical indifference be tamed with kind consideration and empathy.

42: Happy 18th birthday, son. You are one in a billion, and I pray you always remember that all the days of your life.